by Dr. Pauline Crouch

Originally Published
in the Spring 1997
Gemisphere Journal

Life force flows from our inner source in the spiritual realms through all of our
inner levels to the physical body. This energy then flows out of the chakras and
the physical body and nourishes the physical world. When this flow of life force is
impeded by blockages in the emotional body, we suffer the consequences of
depleted life force on both the emotional and physical levels. When it is impeded
by blockages in the supra-physical chakras between the emotional and physical
bodies, emotional expression is blocked. Often a combination of these two
situations exists.

Many people live with various emotional disharmonies that cloud and disrupt
their lives and have a negative impact on their relationships. Often simply
restoring the proper flow of emotional expression can bring welcome relief.
Once this is accomplished, deeper healing of past wounds and karma can
proceed more easily.

However, emotional healing is not simply 
about restoring flow or healing the past, 
but also about opening in the present moment.

This entails bringing the emotional body into a state of fluidity and harmony, both
within itself and in relation to one's entire being. This state enables a person to be
a clearer vehicle for joy and divine love. In this way, emotional healing can
ultimately lead to emotional mastery.

Some of the processes involved in deep emotional healing are:

  Purifying supra-physical body and chakras of the backlog of  
     suppressed emotions that block energy flow and expression
  Purifying the emotional body of disharmonious energies and toxicity 
  Healing the wounded heart
  Awakening and healing the "inner child"
  Rebuilding one's emotional foundation
  Resolving emotional karma and destructive patterns
  Creating healthier, more uplifting patterns 
  Feeling the self-confidence to allow the inner self to be expressed 
  Opening the heart to divine love toward yourself and others 
  Healing and uplifting the emotional body

Certain therapeutic gemstones can support our movement toward living with joy
and divine love. When used in the right way and at the right time, they can
provide valuable support and special "energetic nutrition" for our subtle and
physical bodies. This nourishment can help us learn more efficiently from life's
daily offerings so we are less in need of traumatic lessons. The right gemstones
can help make the steps easier and our load a little lighter so we can move
through these processes with greater ease and less wear and tear. Gemstones will
also complement and support other therapies aimed at improving emotional
well-being. However, our progress is ultimately determined by our own
willingness to face and learn the lessons of life.

It will be helpful to begin by making a realistic assessment of your current
emotional health. The Emotional Health Quiz below will help you determine
which gemstones are appropriate for you. Once you have answered the questions,
read the accompanying gemstone descriptions for confirmation. A variety of choices are available, so you can select necklaces that specifically fit your needs.

Many people believe that, when it comes to gemstones, more is better. However,
this isn't always true. Most people are fairly blocked to the red ray, which governs
emotions. Therefore, if you wish to wear Ruby, it is almost always best to begin
by wearing a relatively small amount, such as that contained in Ruby Rose.
After you have worked through some of your emotional blockages, you might
then graduate to Ruby Dream, which carries considerably more red ray.
Wearing too much Ruby before you are ready may cause your body to simply shut
down to the necklace, or it could stimulate too many lessons for you to handle

Imagine that your chakras are like funnels, receiving energy from your emotional
body and channeling it into your physical body. Roselle works to bring more
energy into the funnel and hence into the physical body for expression. But what
if the narrow tube of the funnel is blocked? The increased energy will simply build
up, causing pressure and probably discomfort. This is what happens for many
people who wear Roselle by itself.

Ruby Rose, a combination of Roselle and Ruby, clears out blockages in the part of
the chakras that corresponds to the narrow tube of the funnel. If blockages exist
there, it is most effective to clear them out first by wearing Ruby Rose for a while
before adding a Roselle necklace. Then these necklaces will work
especially well together.

For some people, it is best to begin with one necklace and add others as time goes
on. Other people will want to work with several at once. It's really a matter of
what works for you. Always trust yourself on this.

Because deep emotional healing occurs gradually, in general gemstone necklaces
should be worn continuously for a significant period of time. It takes time to undo
conditions and patterns that have developed over years or even lifetimes.
Remember, when working with a particular gemstone, it is important to keep it
within three feet of your body at all times. At night, it may be kept next to you in
bed or on your night table while you sleep.

Emotional Health Quiz
What Gemstones Would Be Most Beneficial For You?  

To determine which necklaces would be most beneficial to you, ask yourself
the following questions and answer as honestly as you can. Then read the
necklace descriptions below for confirmation. Remember, you can wear up
to three necklaces at a time.
1. Do I tend to hold in my emotions--feeling them, often deeply, but preferring not to express them to others? No Yes
Ruby Rose
2. Do I tend to feel nothing in particular or only a vague sense of discomfort and rarely feel extremes
of joy, happiness, or love?
No Yes
3. Do I tend to go overboard in emotional expression, getting upset frequently, crying often, and feeling “all over the place” emotionally? No Yes
4. Do I feel chronic pain, tightness, or heaviness in my chest? No Yes
Ruby Rose
5. Do I tend to let my feelings build up inside until, eventually, I explode in anger? No Yes
Ruby Rose
6. Am I plagued by feelings of unworthiness? No Yes
Magic Gift
7. Do I feel hampered or crippled by the effects of emotional trauma during childhood? No Yes
Inner Child
8. Is my "inner child" a complete stranger to me? No Yes
Inner Child
9. Do I have a lot of emotional karma with others which takes the form of intense, emotionally
painful relationships or repetitive patterns in relationships?
No Yes
Rhodochrosite or Libra
10. Am I emotionally fluid (cry when I’m sad, express my love to those I care about, etc.) but wish to
deeply open my heart to divine love?
No Yes
Ruby Dream

the Heart

Life often contains hurts and disappointments that leave emotional wounds.
These emotional wounds may injure the heart chakra and/or cause a sensation of pain, tightness, or heaviness in the chest.  Ruby Rose heals the heart of wounds it has received in the course of life, whether they are recent or from the distant past.  It relieves stress on the heart chakra by channeling excess emotions away from the heart to other appropriate chakras.  Then it helps to repair the heart chakra and gently soothes it into relaxing and opening.  Healing the wounded heart is the first step in developing a greater capacity for love.

Promoting Healthy Emotional Expression
Ruby Rose also works specifically with the supra-physical body to clear emotions
that have been felt but not expressed.  In this situation, the emotional body has
formed the emotions and sent them to the supra-physical body to be expressed. 
However, because the person has decided not to express these feelings, they
become lodged as balls of emotional energy in the chakras.  Ruby Rose works to
clear the chakra channels between the supra-physical and physical bodies and
opens the chakras to express emotions more freely.  When healthy emotional flow
is restored, feelings will no longer build up, and the tendency to explode will
dissipate.  Ruby Rose will have an immediate effect on most people, but expect to
wear it long-term to correct impaired communication between the emotional and
physical bodies.

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Purifying the Emotional Body

If your channels for emotional expression, discussed above, are sufficiently open,
you can benefit from the purifying action of Roselle. If you have been wearing
Ruby Rose for a while, you may add a necklace of 8-mm Roselle. Whereas Ruby
Rose works with emotions that have been felt but not expressed, Roselle works
with emotions that are just below the threshold of our awareness. Often these
emotions simply make us irritable, depressed, or tired. Roselle helps these
undefined emotions become clear so they may be expressed in the physical world.
Roselle also purifies the emotional body of the residues of negative emotions,
cleansing it and tuning it up. Many people have lived with emotional congestion
all their lives and are pleasantly surprised when they wear Roselle and discover
what life with a clearer emotional body is like.

Roselle is gentle and yet effective. For most people it is probably best to begin by
wearing a strand of either 8-mm or 10-mm Roselle spheres. After several
months--or when you feel that you have resolved certain emotional blocks and
issues but still have more to work on--move on to the next larger size. If you find
you get unpleasant effects from wearing Roselle by itself, it may be because your
chakras are clogged and the emotional energy released by the Roselle is unable to
flow through to the physical body for expression. In this case, try wearing Ruby
Rose along with the Roselle.

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Emotional Transformation

Rhodonite can provide a profoundly stabilizing influence on the emotions. It can
quickly calm the emotions. If worn long enough, Rhodonite will help you rebuild
your emotional foundation, one brick at a time, with long-lasting results. This
foundation work is necessary for emotional health. Once your emotions are
stabilized and you find yourself experiencing your emotions in a new way,
reassess your emotional state to determine which gemstones to work with next.

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Healing the
Child Within

Inner Child supports the healing of your inner child in a loving, supportive
manner. The Roselle beads encourage gentle emotional release, while Rhodonite
begins to rebuild your emotional foundation piece by piece. Mother of Pearl
enfolds you in the nurturing energy a mother's love as it gently stirs your memory
and emotions to resolve suppressed and incomplete experiences.

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Inner Freedom

Rhodochrosite helps free you from the destructive patterns and cycles that enslave.
It fosters self-confidence as you realize you have the power to change these
deeply-rooted sources of pain. It gradually disintegrates negative emotional
structures and brushes away the clutter to reveal your hidden emotional strengths.
Rhodochrosite's energy also helps you resolve karma with other people in your life.
It helps change your destructive patterns into uplifting ones that promote greater
inner freedom. Rhodochrosite is available in Libra, Magic Gift, and in solid strands
of 8-mm and 10-mm spheres. It may be worn with any of the necklaces described
in this article.

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Balanced Change

Libra promotes balanced, harmonious change. Sets of three Rhodochrosite spheres
encourage a steady, continual influence of change, while sets of three Quartz
spheres promote physical and inner-body balance. In the name of balance, every
change Rhodochrosite initiates is either harnessed or accelerated by the groups of
Quartz spheres. While Rhodochrosite is serious and hardworking, Quartz brings a
lightness, humor, and joy to its work and reminds Rhodochrosite of the ultimate

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Magic Gift promotes a feeling of wholeness and self-worth that allows the highest
expressions of Soul to flow unimpeded through your mind and emotions to your
physical body for expression. The energies of the Ruby and Rhodochrosite form a
channel from the heart center to the part of the mind where newly formed
thoughts are sparked by Soul. The Biwa Pearl reflects your inner beauty.

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Divine Love

Ruby Dream provides the therapeutic benefits of Ruby and the red ray in a
balanced way. It gradually dissolves deep-seated disharmony in the emotional
body and encourages your heart to open in new ways. It works with the mind to
deepen your understanding of divine love and with the causal body to help
resolve love-related karma. It keeps your emotional expressions in balance while
karma is being worked out, and it supports your physical body to experience a
true, complete expression of divine love. These benefits are brought about
gradually as Ruby Dream supports you through the process of learning and
surrender, guiding you through the maze of your own concepts so you may
become a true vehicle for divine love.

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