Doctors and Therapists Praise
Gemstone Energy Medicine

It is my belief that gemstone energy medicine will, in the near future, develop into an art and science that can stand equal with homeopathy and acupuncture as a major contribution to the field of energy medicine.

Gary N. Klepper, D.C., N.D.

From the Chinese medicine perspective, it is not surprising that therapeutic gemstones have such powerful effects. For me, holistic medicine is vibrational medicine--meaning that any therapeutic substance is effective primarily because of its vibration. I have seen the gemstones produce a very strong vibrational response.

Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Chair, Chinese Medicine Department
National College of Naturopathic Medicine

I have seen remarkable results with therapeutic gemstones, including performance enhancement with professional and Olympic athletes. In order to advance in science, we often try new things to achieve greater results than previously proven. In the future, I have no doubt that further research will confirm the demonstrated clinical efficacy of therapeutic gemstones.

Ada Gonzalez, N.D.
International Speaker and Educator

Gemstone energy medicine has transformed my ability to use natural medicine in profound ways. As more practitioners in many healing disciplines experience the depth and breadth of these therapies, medicine itself will be transformed.

Sara Hazel, N.D.
Founder, Barefoot Sage Spa

I have been working with therapeutic gemstone spheres both personally and professionally for over eight years, and the benefits are spectacular. I feel therapeutic gems are the most valuable energy healing tool available. There is no other intervention that is so simple and precise in how it works with the mind-body energy system. I am grateful every day that this resource is available to me, my family, and my clients.

Carol Tuttle, MRET
Author of Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century

In my healthcare practice I have found that the effects of gemstones are truly powerful. Clinical treatment with gemstones often results in profound and lasting improvements in my clients’ physical and inner health, changes that clearly manifest in their everyday lives. My experience has borne out the value of these tools over and over again.

Alan Coffman, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Corvallis, Oregon

I use therapeutic gemstones in my work as an acupuncturist, because they address a complete spectrum of issues safely and effectively. There is simply no substitute for the work done by therapeutic gemstones.

Blaise Desesa, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Harleysville, Pennsylvania

This is indeed the therapy of the future. Therapeutic gemstone spheres have the most powerful therapeutic effect I have ever experienced in my life.

Lourdes Rabago, C.M.T

I continually receive feedback from clients and friends on the beneficial effects of therapeutic gemstones. Their beauty and healing energy register a profound and lasting impression on those who experience them.

Linda A. Lile, Ph.D., RCST

I think the most significant difference I have felt since wearing therapeutic gemstones has been related to my relationship with my wife. We have both noticed that since she has been wearing her Pink Tourmaline and I have been wearing my Green Tourmaline, I am much more attentive and affectionate towards her. The changes are very obvious and include not only a sexual enhancement aspect but the overwhelming desire to simply be in close proximity to my wife. This is a pronounced difference, evident even to some outsiders.

Many of the other observations reported regarding athletic performance and endurance as a result of the Tourmaline necklace have not been observed by me. However, having been on Trans-D Tropin™ (a GHRH analog) for over five years, my athletic performance, endurance, and recovery are already well beyond what could be expected. Nevertheless, based on my own personal experience, I can see how Green Tourmaline may help to enhance athletic performance.

I use Green Tourmaline and other gems on a regular basis. The bottom line is that the gemstones do make a difference--although sometimes I have a difficult time believing it myself!

Rashid A. Buttar, D.O., FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
Medical Director, Advanced Concepts in Medicine

Gemstone Testimonials


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I was so grateful to have my Agate necklace for my flight back to Norway. Usually I feel drainedyou know, the pale grayish been-on-the-plane-for-eight-hours feeling you have by the time you reach the airport. But both during and after the flight, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed.

E.H., Sofiemyr, Norway

Two years ago I went to India for a month and wore my Agate necklace. I experienced no jet lag, and I felt right at home and grounded immediately and throughout the duration of my stay. I also had no jet lag on the return flight home, a trip that lasted 54 hours. Wow!

A month ago I returned to India, but I accidentally left my Agate in the grass for its final cleansing. Even though I traveled in first class, the entire flight was miserable, and it took me two days to recover from the jet lag. The return flight was even worse. I love that Agate necklace, and I will never travel without it again!

J.B., Blaine, Washington

I recently purchased an Agate necklace to help me with jet lag for a 7,000-mile international flight (round trip was 14,000 miles). I am happy and pleased to report that I felt a lot better than I normally do when making this trip. I had more energy and more clarity when I landed, and I was able to stay up for the entire day when I landed.



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Since wearing my Amethyst necklace, I’ve found that my sleep is much more relaxed and restful. Even my dreams have changed for the better. I’ve also noticed that things I used to worry and fret about don’t seem to faze me as much. My conversations with people are more straightforward, too. I feel more confident to say what I really feel.

E.B., Dallas, Texas

Amethyst allowed me to go much further than I could on my own in healing a traumatized area. This area had felt isolated for many years following major surgery. The Amethyst Body-Awakening Therapy appealed to me, and so I did my first placement therapy on the area. All discomfort left quickly, and I felt a wonderful sense of connection.

That night I dreamt of the area for the first time ever. I felt the same wonderful sensation of the Amethyst energy that I had felt during the therapy. Amethyst allowed me to bring to full consciousness all that was involved so that I could easily move past it.

M.T., Valparaiso, Indiana

Apatite Necklace

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The first result I noticed from wearing Apatite was relief from widespread joint pain. My shoulders, hips, knees, and even fingers and toes had really been aching. When I wore Apatite, the pain gradually abated. I don't wear it overnight, so at first, when I'd get up in the morning, the pain was much worse until I'd put on Apatite. Now even mornings are relatively pain free again.

Next, about a week later, I discovered that I was actually craving green foods, like broccoli and raw salads. I mean really craving them. Other foods that I thought tasted good but may not be so good for me were no longer appealing.

But more than these results, I'm finding that Apatite is helping me to attract and repel things on other levels. It really has been a total trip. Thank you for the absolute beauty that is Apatite.

D.K., Tucson, Arizona

In the past, when life became stressful or felt like it might spin out of control, my normal habit was to use food as a source of calm. Not the best habit in the world, but true. I have now been wearing an Apatite necklace for about a year. When I wear it, the impulse to eat when I’m upset or stressed simply is not there. I absolutely have no desire to eat my feelings away. I can experience them and cope better. Amazing!

V.W., Buffalo, New York

Apatite Rough

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For instructions on how to perform Apatite Therapy for Viral Illness with Apatite Rough gemstones, click here.

I was experiencing the beginning stages of a cold and immediately started to hold the Apatite stones in my hands. Within just a few minutes I started to feel better, and my symptoms disappeared. I continued with the therapy as directed for the next four days and was able to completely divert the cold. Very impressive!

N.F., Florida

I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday so I gave the Apatite Therapy for Viral Illness a try. The soreness went away within a couple hours of putting Apatite on my palms, or alternately, in my pockets. I also noticed an improvement in lymph node areas. When I went to bed, I put the Apatite in tight socks on the soles of my feet. Interestingly, within a half-hour I felt symptoms again. So I placed them back on my palms, and the symptoms left quickly. You guys really know your business—most definitely, placing Apatite on the palms is best for upper-body symptoms!

M.T., Valparaiso, Indiana


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I have always been a creative person, yet wearing therapeutic Aquamarine has enhanced my ability to see solutions, create new alternatives for myself, and to use my creative imagination at a new and greatly heightened level. I no longer dread certain aspects of creative tasks and have broken life-long limiting patterns. I experience much greater success from my creative endeavors and feel a greater impulse to create.

C.J., Boston, Massachusetts

Therapeutic Aquamarine has been an invaluable tool in my practice as a physician and in my personal life. I’ve found that wearing an Aquamarine necklace heightens my awareness and helps me diagnose my patients’ complaints more accurately.

Patrick Weber, M.D.
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

My first experience wearing Aquamarine was incredible. Within a day, I determined that its energy was worthy of great respect. In the first several hours, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity within my body. Later that evening, while chatting with a dear friend, our conversation turned to deep truths, and my whole body felt as if it held a great energy. Tears of beauty, truth, and elation welled up in my eyes. I was and continue to be astounded!

K.D., Portland, Oregon

For some time, I had felt somewhat stagnant in my spiritual understandings. So several weeks ago I started wearing Aquamarine for the purpose of going to the next level spiritually. Since wearing it, I have steadily gained more insight, more illumination, and many revelations, and it has continued to open new doors and understandings for me. Last night I had a revelation, which, although I had read about and known intellectually, suddenly went deeper, into the core of my heart, bringing such joy and brightening of understanding. This is just what I had desired in working with this stone.

C.F., Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Aquamarine Water

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"Gemisphere gemstones have such powerful health effects, I thought it would be smart to chart the changes in my health after using the Aquamarine Water for the past six weeks.

Weeks 1 and 2:  I started out drinking four to five glasses of Aquamarine Water a day. I frequented the restroom much more urgently than usual for about two weeks, after which the urgency subsided. I also noticed that some of my cellulite was diminishing, and I felt leaner.

Week 3:  In the third week, the most interesting results began. In my lower left leg, which I had injured as a teenager, I felt a wonderful, fluid, whooshing feeling running over the leg, very quickly, several times a minute every hour or so. As time went on, the feeling started higher on my leg.

Week 4:  In the fourth week, another unexpected surprise: the wonderful sensation had migrated to my right leg, this time starting at the hip and working its way down to my toes. At the end of that week, Aquamarine Water was stimulating the flow of energy in both hips and legs. Half my body was experiencing these fine sensations. Sometimes, I would wake at night to feel warm flowing feelings over the entire bottom half of my body, hips to toes.

Week 5:  When you pour water into a glass, the bottom of the glass gets filled first. That makes sense to me. So it seems with the effects of Aquamarine Water on my body. During the fifth week, I felt the sensations all along the iliac crest in the pelvic girdle. I was also beginning to feel more of these wonderful sensations in the lumbar area of my back.

However, the best part is that the Aquamarine water had taken away almost all the cellulite on my glutes and upper thighs! So much so, that my jeans were hanging on me. I wasn’t really dieting. I was able to buy jeans in a smaller size.

Week 6:  Now, at the six-week mark, the wonderful watery sensations have traveled to my skull. It is a pleasant feeling, as though my brain is getting larger and then smaller. The fascia must be moving some too. At the end of the sixth week, I’m finally feeling sensations across my pelvic bones. It’s harder for me to feel Aquamarine Water moving into soft tissue, but I’m sure it has entered my belly. This was the area I was hoping to calm down with Aquamarine Water; it’s funny that it arrived there last.

"Now, when an Aquamarine Water sensation comes, it surges throughout my entire body, beginning at my feet and moving up to my waist, into my ribs, up to my skull, and then down into the area of my belly. It’s a great feeling that now takes over my entire body. I can’t think of what could be next!"

S.S., Indiana

For the last several years I have been taking rehydration drops in my drinking water to help keep me from getting dehydrated from all the allergy medicine I take. After drinking Aquamarine Water for several weeks, my doctor tested me. He found that the Aquamarine Water worked better at keeping me hydrated than the homeopathic drops I had been taking. I no longer feel thirsty and have a dry throat all the time. What a welcome change after having to carry a bottle of water around with me all the time!

S.W., Huntsville, Alabama


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I began to develop a bladder infection that was quickly becoming painful. I put the Bloodstone necklace around my neck and drank lots of water. Within two hours, all the symptoms were gone. I now put on my Bloodstone at the first sign of any cold, flu, or other viral or bacterial symptoms.

M.E., Portland, Oregon

I used to get the flu every year, but since I used Dark Green Aventurine and Bloodstone to help me through a bad flu, I have not had it again. I have stayed well for over two years running, and everyone notices the difference in me.

S.P., Charlotte, North Carolina

Bloodstone is an incredibly helpful gem. A few days ago, I contracted a cold. I wore the Bloodstone for most of that day, through the night, during the next day, and through the next night. When I woke up the third day, my symptoms were 90 percent gone, much to the relief of my afflicted nasal cavity!

J.M., California

When I got my first Gemisphere necklace, Bloodstone, I was really sick with an undiagnosed systemic yeast infection. I had been so sick and miserable and had been to many doctors, even to the ER, yet no one had helped—until I wore the Bloodstone. Wearing it pumped up my immune system so much it caused a die-off of the yeast. That reaction helped me realize I was suffering from candidiasis, caused by antibiotics I'd been given for salmonella poisoning. I wore that necklace until I was completely free of candida, and now my best friend is borrowing it to boost her immune system.

Thank you, Gemisphere, for the wonderful healing tools you've given me, starting with the immune support I received from my Bloodstone necklace.

J.B., Pacific Palisades, California

I travel overseas a lot for work, and in the past I often caught colds from poor sleep and jetlag. After wearing a Bloodstone necklace for a year, both while traveling and whenever I feel a cold coming on, the likelihood of a full-blown debilitating cold seems considerably reduced. When I do get sick, my recovery seems much quicker, as well. Bloodstone is proving to be an invaluable asset for me.

B.D., Florida

I find Bloodstone to be very effective at alleviating allergies. Within 24 hours of wearing it, I went from a state of constant discomfort to no discomfort at all. I appreciate your gemstones!

C.P., Utah

Some time ago, I purchased a Bloodstone necklace from Gemisphere and wore it daily for several months, after which I wore it only occasionally. One day I began to have the sniffles accompanied by sneezing. I immediately put on my Bloodstone necklace, and literally within minutes, the sniffles and sneezing were gone. Also, I have been allergic to cat hair for several years, but since I started wearing the Bloodstone necklace daily, even when I am not wearing it, I am no longer allergic to cat hair!

I have always been convinced of the healing energies of the Earth, but since becoming a customer of Gemisphere, I am even more convinced that gemstones have powerful vibrations for healing spirit, mind and body. Thank you, Gemisphere!

Dr. S.M.A., Southfield, Michigan

Blue Lace Agate

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Blue Lace Agate has helped me like me for me, to feel of my own strength, and not be what I think others want me to be. I have a dear friend who has always intimidated me because of her strong personality, to the point that I would even be ill. Blue Lace Agate has helped me put this friendship into perspective and believe in myself.

J.C., Washington

I am prone to experiencing ringing in my ears, or tinnitus, which can wake me in the middle of the night, even from a deep sleep. Blue Lace Agate has been a godsend for this otherwise intractable problem. Several times, when the ringing has woken me up, I’ve simply plunked the Blue Lace Agate on my ears, as instructed in the ear therapy, and the tinnitus vanished in less than three minutes. Since doing the therapy several times, the frequency of the tinnitus episodes has also greatly diminished.

C.T., New Jersey

Blue Sapphire

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I originally purchased my Blue Sapphire for my eyesight. However, the first thing I noticed after putting it on is that my neck felt stronger. I have suffered with extensive chiropractic issues in my neck for nearly three years, often requiring as many as three to four adjustments per week. Since first donning the Blue Sapphire three months ago, I have required only two fairly minor adjustments. This necklace has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Thank you, Gemisphere!

R.E., Texas

After wearing my Blue Sapphire necklace for a few days, I was in a hurry to pack some food in the morning and was surprised to notice that time seemed to be passing more slowly. Then I realized that I was squeezing more actions into each minute! I also seem to be going faster with mentally oriented tasks.

I can't imagine a simpler or more profoundly effective mode of therapy!

A.L.M., Singapore

When I first put on Blue Sapphire, it was such a joyful feeling that it made me laugh. The blue color ray is my “strength ray,” and receiving and putting on the necklace felt like coming home. My entire being is so much lighter, clearer, and uplifted. I can feel all my chakras becoming more open and a sense of joy bubbling inside me.

M.R., North Carolina

Blue Topaz

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I bought Blue Topaz to enhance mineral absorption, because osteoporosis runs in my family and I was losing teeth. Whenever I put the necklace on, a tooth that had root canal started hurting; when I removed the necklace, it stopped hurting. I figured there was an infection and the necklace was cleaning up toxic residue. Then the crown fell off and I had no choice but to have the tooth extracted. On extraction, the dentist found holes in my jawbone with an anaerobic infection! The Blue Topaz had addressed my body’s priority so that my mouth could become free of toxins and infection, and the other teeth would not be affected. Wearing Blue Topaz also helped with my chronic tiredness.

I love the wisdom and energy of the gemstones and am thankful that the Blue Topaz pointed to the problem so clearly and thereby freed my body to heal from a hidden cause of illness.

S.H., La Grande, Oregon

I was drawn to Blue Topaz, since I have experienced lung damage from living in a hot, damp environment. I also suffer age-related joint dysfunction from a life of hard work not balanced with enough nurturing activity.

I always assume something good is happening when I wear my gems, but the effects are often subtle. Well! This time the results were definite and multiple: I have a distinct sense of being hydrated, and I sleep better at night because I have less need to get up to drink and use the bathroom. My overall energy is up.

Although I am thin, I suffered from abdominal bloating without medical cause that made me extremely uncomfortable. I have now lost that excess, and my elimination has improved. I eat less but feel very well nourished. I feel better all over.”

P.P., Pahoa, Hawaii

Blue Topaz has been amazing. Since wearing it, I have been healthy and able to keep the pounds off. It is a must-have necklace!

R.L., Ohio

I call Blue Topaz my “happy necklace.” I put it on whenever I want to feel brighter and cheerier. As the water I drink clears out unneeded energies, my mood lifts. While wearing Blue Topaz, I also experience a distinct difference when I eat and drink. Food in my mouth – and even my saliva – feels and tastes different. I wear it often with Apatite, as a good-nutrition combination, especially when I’m feeling worn down. Also, after years of not working out because of an old ACL tear, I’ve been able to start again, since the Blue Topaz helped resolve the energetic remnants of the injury. I love this necklace!

C.S., Seattle, Washington


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Wearing Breanna has both a soothing and an uplifting effect on me. There is a distinct pleasure in wearing it, reminiscent of the bliss one can feel in meditation. Since wearing it, my awareness and perception have become keener.

Newfoundland, Canada


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Stomach cramping had become chronic as a result of metal toxicity. Constant pain made my emotions slump, and I became depressed. Then I began to wear Carnelian. While helping me detox the metal, Carnelian also filled me with positive emotions. It was as if the sun was finally shining after a long and dreary season, and I was able to manage the pain more effectively.

Susan Gold
Holistic Health Counselor
Bonita, California

I am 45 years old and the mother of eight children. I’ve had a problem with my weight since childhood. Some months ago, I began a raw foods diet and have also been wearing Carnelian. The necklace has helped me clear away the clouds and stay focused on my weight and spiritual issues. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and feel like it’s just the beginning of my journey.

T.E., Dallas, Oregon

After giving birth, I was at a low point from depression, weight gain, and confusion about how to proceed in my life. Longstanding migraines, endometriosis, and digestive problems also plagued me. Since starting to wear Carnelian six months ago, I haven’t had a migraine, nor any endometriosis pain or digestive problems. I sleep better. I have energy and am making better choices. My life is starting to look like I once envisioned itcentered around wellness and peace.

D.F-G., Miami, Florida

Wearing Carnelian for the past two months has given me a great sense of relaxation. But amazingly—and most important—every time I wear it, I feel compelled to express myself through painting, the secret goal of my life since childhood. Because of Carnelian, I now take joy in painting, and I understand that bringing joy is the purpose of this small gift that life has given me.

L.P., Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada

I own several Gemisphere necklaces, and Carnelian is my favorite. When I wear it, I feel more energetic, happy, clear headed, and healthy. When I start feeling down, tired, or unwell, I put on my Carnelian, and I'm a new person!

L.S., Florida

When I first received my Carnelian necklace, recent lab work indicated that my thyroid was sluggish, and I had scored in the lowest category of the Adrenal Stress Index test. When my Carnelian arrived, I laid it next to my throat. I could immediately feel my thyroid drinking in the Carnelian energy. Within a couple months of wearing the Carnelian regularly, my thyroid and adrenals were restored.

M.T., Valparaiso, Indiana

Carnelian is one of my favorite gemstones. I've always struggled with a bit of a negative attitude and some depression. The orange color ray from Carnelian brightens my soul, and I find myself saying, "All is well, all is well," and actually believing it! I call this necklace "the spark of joy!"

J.C., Washington


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Citrine is great for releasing tension in my neck, back, and solar plexus. I get results in less than an hour after putting on the necklace.

Judith Greenwood, L.M.T.
Richardson, Texas

I have found that, on some of my clients, Citrine helps their bodies unwind and relax so rapidly that they rebuild good health more quickly.

Kathy Miller, R.N.
Oak View, California

I am a long-distance bicyclist. Several years ago, I fell and had pain in my shoulder almost daily. Despite weekly massages and working with my personal trainer, nothing eliminated the pain. Then, to prepare for a 1,000-mile bike trip, I bought a Citrine necklace. During the trip, I wore it every day, and at night I put it in a wrap around my shoulder. I was on my hands and shoulders every day for three weeks, which can be very hard on shoulders and arms. However, by the time my trip was over I had no pain in my shoulder.

J.B., Blaine, Washington

Wearing Citrine has changed my whole perception of life. The first week I wore it, I became aware that I had been swimming in a sea of stale, unsupportive energy. As I continued to wear the Citrine, I was able to release this baggage. This inner cleansing has revitalized my mind and given me a sense of greater space within. As my life has become more harmonious, I feel eager to embrace new, healthier patterns of thought and perception.

P.E., Portland, Oregon

I was experiencing the beginning of a bladder infection, so I put on my Citrine necklace. After wearing it for several days, the infection disappeared and hasn’t returned since. Also, since wearing Citrine, I am taking great strides in the creative side of my nature. I am really, really happy with the progress I am making there.

J.M., Groton, Connecticut

Clear Topaz

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When I learned about Clear Topaz, I knew I had to have a necklace right away. I am 57 years old. In years past, I found it relatively easy to maintain an exercise regimen, and I could eat whatever I wanted without being concerned about my weight. However, since I’ve reached a certain age, all that has changed. Now I'm three dress sizes too large and plagued by cellulite. I jumped at the chance to make a change.

I am thrilled to report that, after wearing Clear Topaz daily for the past six weeks, not only have I lost one dress size, but best of all, the cellulite is disappearing! Really and truly. I set my intention with words and thoughts of a “slim, firm, flawless form” each day before I put on my necklace, whenever I touch it, and every time I take it off. I hold a clear vision in my mind of how I want my body to be.

I am so pleased with the results, that I now plan to use Clear Topaz to “turn back the hands of time” to the best looking and best feeling body I have ever had.

My sincere thank you to Gemisphere for making available such life-enhancing tools, which not only work but work so well, they exceed my expectations.

P.Z., Washington, DC

Dark Green Aventurine

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I’ve used Dark Green Aventurine with excellent results in cases of pain, inflammation, and congestion. Migraines, uterine cramps, and joint and muscle inflammation have responded to Dark Green Aventurine almost universally

Dr. Sara Hazel
Naturopathic Physician
Corbett, Oregon

I’ve had problems with hot flashes for several years. You name it, I've probably tried itpills, shots, patches. Nothing worked, until I started taking herbs and wearing a Dark Green Aventurine necklace. Previously, I was having hot flashes several times an hour. Now I'm down to one or two a day. Wearing the necklace has made all the difference. The herbs helped, but it was when I started wearing the necklace that I noticed the significant difference.

S.D., Littleton, Colorado

When undergoing intensive chemotherapy, I wore Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine necklaces. Since I had such an aggressive form of cancer, I looked at every possible treatment. I wanted the alternative therapies I chose to have some demonstration of efficacy. With the gems, I felt I was getting additional energy at a time when I was feeling drained. Throughout my treatment, I was able to surf, ride my horse, play with my kids, and do all the normal things entailed in being a mom and a wife. People who were diagnosed with the same cancer are not even here to talk about it now.

Brenda Denslow-Perretta, M.D., FACEP
Portland, Oregon

For almost 30 years I experienced pain every day as a result of a parasitic infection. Three weeks of wearing a Dark Green Aventurine necklace stopped the pain. I have only had one recurrence during a case of gastrointestinal flu.

J.H., Houston, Texas

I am in the process of doing a case study on a client who has very large fibroid tumors. She became aware of the fibroids’ size only when she went to the hospital with leg pain that was caused by a blood clot about to enter a main vein. She was put on Coumadin and was told the clot would take six months to a year to dissolve. After only three 15-minute treatments using a combination of Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine, tests done by a vein specialist showed the blood clot had dissolved completely! The Coumadin never even had the chance to reach its full blood levels. The doctors were amazed. We are now doing a six-month course of gemstone treatments to work on resolving the underlying causes that created the illness, to heal mind, body and spirit. We look forward to seeing the results!

New York


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In October 1999, doctors found that my father had a large pancreatic tumor. He was in considerable pain, but his heart condition ruled out both surgery and chemotherapy. Doctors predicted he had two to four months to live. That December he started to wear a solid Emerald necklace, supported by Citrine and Dark Green Aventurine. Within a month he was pain-free without medication. He lived another three years, with no recurrence of pancreas problems, before dying of heart failure.

Alan Coffman, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Corvallis, Oregon

Six years ago, I started to see a patient with AIDS just as he was entering a hospice. He began taking the AIDS retroviral drug cocktail and wore a solid Emerald necklace 24/7, in combination with Dark Green Aventurine therapy sessions. In six weeks, the measured HIV viral load in his blood showed a decrease equivalent to results typical of taking the AIDS cocktail by itself for a full year. Today he is thriving and healthy and running his own successful business.

Alan Coffman, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Corvallis, Oregon

You must already have a lot of testimonials about Emerald, but here's another one: I had been wearing Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald for a month and then I stopped. I immediately noticed my energy levels going down, and I needed more sleep. Yesterday evening I went to bed wearing Emerald, and now I'm up and refreshed after six hours of sleep. I intend to wear these necklaces for a few months!

A.L.M., Singapore

My experience with Emerald has been nothing short of life-changing. I was in a car accident in 2001 and suffered injuries to my neck and back, as well as severe nerve damage, disc herniations, damage to my facet joints, and a host of other problems. These all caused severe pain to radiate from my arms and hands, making it difficult to grasp objects without dropping them, as well as down my legs, making it difficult to walk.

Immediately upon wearing the Emerald, I felt a reduction of pain. I placed it in a coil around my hip and felt the pain just melt away. I then moved the Emerald from my hip to my sacrum, which also removed the pain quickly. After having such a powerful experience, I began to walk around and feel how much pain was really gone. I hadn’t felt like that since before my accident! After experiencing the pain in my upper and lower body almost completely disappear, I wore the Emerald around my neck and continued to enjoy this dissipation of pain.

I’ve tried to put this experience of Emerald’s true power into words, but it seems I cannot do it justice.

J.L., California

My husband has many health issues related to a near-fatal motorcycle accident and Type 2 Diabetes, including chronic kidney disease, gout, arthritis, and high blood pressure. His many doctors have kept him stable, but I was more interested in healing, and I wanted to help him with something natural—not another medication. He reluctantly agreed to wear a therapeutic Emerald necklace (I think, more than anything, to humor me). To his surprise, he says he feels “different” since wearing the Emerald. When I press him for more details, he says he feels stronger in his hands and legs, his breathing is easier, and he fells less winded. His elimination is becoming more regular, and his urine is clearer, which is important in chronic kidney disease. I am looking forward to more positive changes in his health. I am grateful to Gemisphere for their superior therapeutic gemstones and outstanding customer service!

C.H., Ohio

I am in the process of doing a case study on a client who has very large fibroid tumors. She became aware of the fibroids’ size only when she went to the hospital with leg pain that was caused by a blood clot about to enter a main vein. She was put on Coumadin and was told the clot would take six months to a year to dissolve. After only three 15-minute treatments using a combination of Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine, tests done by a vein specialist showed the blood clot had dissolved completely! The Coumadin never even had the chance to reach its full blood levels. The doctors were amazed. We are now doing a six-month course of gemstone treatments to work on resolving the underlying causes that created the illness, to heal mind, body and spirit. We look forward to seeing the results!

New York

Green Tourmaline

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After three weeks of wearing Green Tourmaline, I started noticing positive changes in my personnot just physical, but mental changes too. When I wear it, I recover much faster after competitive events and workouts. This lets me shorten my breaks and get in more training time. I've started wearing Green Tourmaline 24 hours a day. My experiences tell me that anyone can benefit from the Green Tourmaline necklacenot just athletes.

Mark Foster
British Olympic Swimmer
Winner of 6 Gold Medals at the 2002/2003 FINA World Cup
while wearing Green Tourmaline

Since I began wearing Green Tourmaline, I have broken nine World Masters Records and won three World Championship titles. I believe I would not have broken these world records without the Green Tourmaline necklace. It gives me a lot of strength, and I recover faster from hard workouts. Curiously, it also gives me more sexual interest and power.

Glen Christiansen
Swedish Olympic Medalist

I’m 48 years old and swim just about every day, so after seeing your Athlete’s Edge video, I decided to purchase a Green Tourmaline necklace. Within three weeks of wearing the gems, I added 10 laps to my daily swim and cut my time from 20 to 15 minutes. That’s 40 laps in 15 minutes! The increase in my power and intensity during swimming has been very noticeable. The same goes for my free-weight workouts.

Wearing this necklace is amazing. I feel more centered and focused, and I even have a stronger sense of confidence, which came as a nice surprise when I needed to speak in front of a group at my school. I have a distinct feeling of being more grounded and balanced in my own body. It’s not a nervous or brute energy, but rather one of clarity and focus. I would recommend Green Tourmaline to any man seeking to reflect the highest qualities of the masculine experience.

L.N., New York

The Green Tourmaline necklace has allowed me, both physically and mentally, to stay within my center of power and use what I have to the best of my ability. And that edge is something I can count on every day.

Tanner Eriksen, Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

I've trained professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and celebrities. Because of Green Tourmaline's clear ability to enhance performance, I recommend the necklace to the athletes I train.

Adam Lerner, Professional & Olympic Trainer

I recommend Green Tourmaline to all serious athletes who want to break their own time records and enhance their strength, endurance, and overall performance.

Art Dilworth, Triathlete, Professional & Olympic Trainer

Green Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline

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The two gemstones that have had the greatest influence in my personal and professional life are Rubelle and Green Tourmaline. My husband of over 23 years and I have been working with these two incredible resources for over three years now. We have experienced tremendous growth, not only in our relationship but in our business affairs and bank account. Three months after my husband started working with Green Tourmaline he was given a $50,000 per year salary increase.

We are also marathon runners and have used Green Tourmaline in our training and our marathons. Green Tourmaline helped me run eight marathons in two years and three of them in a 10-week period.

Carol Tuttle, MRET, Master Energy Therapist
Sandy, UT


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When I treat my chiropractic patients, wearing Indigo enhances my intuition. I get to the bottom of their issues with greater clarity and a little more quickly than I otherwise might. I notice that, when wearing Indigo, I’m more focused, and my interpretation of my patients’ problems is sharper.

Dr. Anna Just-Buddy
Chiropractic Physician
Conyers, Georgia

I purchased an Indigo necklace with the intention of developing my intuition and communicating with my higher self. I’m a college student, and I was in the process of deciding whether to follow a spiritual or business career path. Just one week after wearing the Indigo necklace, I was able to discern that I should get a masters degree in psychology, allowing me to serve mankind, yet still make a good, stable income for my family in the future. Thanks to Indigo helping me hear my higher self, I found the balance I had been looking for. I now recommended this gemstone to all my family members. My aunt also purchased Roselle and is experiencing incredible emotional freedom.

Thank you so much, Gemisphere! I love you!

A.U., Houston, Texas


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A client who ran her own consulting business was suffering through a prolonged dry spell, and this was putting her into such a deep financial hole that money for food and phone were becoming an issue. I suggested she wear an Insight necklace for several weeks, and the circumstances of her life shifted dramatically. Her business became busy enough that she was able to pay off past debts, and then a door opened that allowed her to expand her consulting into a new arena.

Alan Coffman, L.Ac.,
Licensed Acupuncturist
Corvallis, Oregon

My husband and I have owned our business since 1995. We have struggled through the years but have managed to keep our heads above water. Our worst years were 2005 and 2006. Halfway through 2006, I realized I needed to do something drastic or the business would be lost. My husband already had a second job, and I was contemplating doing the same. I had purchased an Insight necklace (my first gemstone necklace, actually) years before but wore it only sporadically. I began wearing it every day. I am happy to say that our business has flourished, and 2007 was one of our best years. We were able to pay off all our outstanding debt. 2008 was even better! I never go to work without my Insight necklace. I’m only sorry that it took me so long to experience its incredible power.

K.S., Columbus, Ohio

Lapis Lazuli

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All my life, I’ve been described as being very analytical, very passionate, and not very balanced. Wearing Lapis immediately calmed my thinking, and I became more stable emotionally. I was able to focus on the differences between my mind and heart and to appreciate their differences without either of them pushing for control.

M.R., Holborn, Great Britain


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I use a Lavender necklace in almost every treatment with my clients. I have the client wear it beforehand to prepare the body and afterward to make sure the treatment’s effects are carried into the person’s energetic fabric.

Kathy Miller, R.N.
Oak View, California

I have been wearing Lavender along with Quartz and Mother of Pearl for three full months and keeping them by my bed while I sleep. Before I began wearing these necklaces, I had frequent sacral pain as well as severe headaches originating from my neck and skull. I chose Lavender for its help aligning the spine and skull and its reduction of back and neck pain. Since wearing them, my sacral area has been virtually pain free, and I've experienced a reduction in my headaches!

S.K., New York

My daughter suffered from a back injury in high school and for five years endured chronic severe lower-back pain and scoliosis. I gave her a Lavender necklace, and within 24 hours of putting it on, all inflammation disappeared and the pain went away.

Linda Shoenberger, Massage Therapist, Sarasota, Florida

First, the color of my Lavender is so exquisite that it is an energetic treatment in itself. Second, to my surprise, since wearing it I have gone off of all caffeine and sugar. I went through a little withdrawal, and a small karmic issue regarding them came up, which I had to resolve. But the resolution has now rippled out and helped all areas of my life. I understand more than ever how these gems fill the holes in your aura, which fill the holes in your life.

J.M., Groton, Connecticut

Lavender Fire

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When I first put on my Lavender Fire necklace, I went for a drive. After about 15 minutes of driving, I had an overwhelming and rare feeling of joy. I was so overwhelmed with the intensity of the emotion that I just kept repeating in wonder, "I feel joy. I feel joy!"

T.E., Oregon

Leopard Magic

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Wearing the Leopard Magic necklace has had a profound impact on both my body and behavior. It is gentle in its functioning though strong energetically. My body responds to it with a huge sense of calm and synergy. My body is reminded daily by this exquisite necklace that its normal design and operation is to work as a whole. It really does feel like I've come home to myself in that way.

Now that my body works as a whole, setting personal boundaries and holding true to them has become much easier. I just ended a six-year relationship that I have known since its inception was not healthy but that I’d been unable to walk away from until about three weeks after wearing the Leopard Magic. I am truly astounded and thrilled with this "magical" necklace, and it is one of my best friends. Thank you for the loving support in changing my life, dear Leopard Magic and Gemisphere.

D.M., Lakewood, Colorado

Leopardskin Jasper

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Wearing Leopardskin Jasper brought me the awareness of what I needed in order to heal a lifelong emotional issue that was affecting my physical well-being. Now, that issue no longer has any pull on me. Leopardskin Jasper drew to me a way to be free.

Judith Greenwood, L.M.T.
Richardson, Texas

Leopardskin Jasper is indeed therapeutic. I had the opportunity to use it last night. Yesterday, I came down with an upper respiratory malady, which got worse at night. I could hardly breathe, and when I did, it was very shallow, with coughing. I had a sore throat and felt weak--no way could I sleep. I was a mess.

Then I remembered the necklace I'd recently purchased from Gemisphere, and I coiled it on my skin over the top of my lungs. Within minutes, my breathing was markedly easier, the coughing and rasping subsided, and I actually fell sleep. This morning, no sore throat!

I don't get these maladies often, but when I do, they knock me out for at least 24 hours. With the Leopardskin Jasper, I cut that down to about 5 hours (it took me 4˝ hours to remember to use the gemstones!). I'm not saying my cold is gone, but it sure is 90 percent better than it was last night, when I didn't think I'd even make it to work today (which is where I am now). What a gift these necklaces are.

C.F., Mountlake Terrace, Washington

At 41 years old, six feet and three inches tall, and 400 pounds, I had seen better days as far as my health is concerned. My blood pressure was up, and I was not particularly mobile. Even after using herbs and extracts for some years, I was skeptical about the healing properties of gemstones. But if you hurt enough, your mind becomes open to new things.

I have been wearing Leopardskin Jasper daily for about two months. My blood pressure is back to a healthy level. I have lost some weight. My sleep is more restful. I can think. I feel normal for the first time in more than a decade. Interestingly, the first few days I wore the Leopardskin Jasper, when I removed the necklace, it was like unplugging an appliance at the end of the day; I became instantly tired. If I missed a day, all the aches and pains came back. Now, the normalizing effect stays with me even if I skip a day. I'm closer to what I'm supposed to be. These gemstones have given me back a large piece of my life.

L.B., Texas

Light Green Aventurine

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I have had chronic fatigue syndrome with severe upper stomach problems and have tried everything over the years. Within 20 minutes of wearing Light Green Aventurine, my stomach felt significantly better. Over the next month, I wore the Light Green Aventurine around the clock. My stomach problem cleared up completely and hasn’t returned.

M.M., Mt. Clemens, Michigan

I had used many drugs for an autoimmune problem, so I appreciated the gentle detoxification that Light Green Aventurine provided. I am healthier and feel lighter and stronger than I have in years. What a wonderful healing gift.

M.B., Los Angeles, California

I use Light Green Aventurine to help soothe my stomach and alleviate my digestive problems. I have frequent heartburn, in addition to intestinal problems from the prolonged use of medication. Both of these conditions take a toll on my body in many ways. After two or three treatments using the Aventurine Organ Tonic Therapy, the results were so amazing that I was convinced this was no ordinary gem! If this could help me after a couple of treatments, when even doctor-recommended remedies didn’t quite cut it or simply wore off after I developed a tolerance to them, then I can’t imagine what more prolonged treatment will do for me. This treatment has continued to work wonderfully.

J.L., California

Light Stream

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The day after I first put on my Light Stream necklace, I was sitting quietly when suddenly I saw a mind’s-eye movie of all the times in my life I had given up my power to a man. It went by quickly, and I just thought, “That’s odd.”

Two days later while walking on the beach, I experienced intense grieving. I couldn’t figure out why, because it seemed to be about old patterns, with nothing happening in the present to trigger it. I looked down and saw that the Ruby section of my Light Stream was over my heart. I flipped the Ruby section behind my neck and let go of the grief.

In retrospect, I realize that during the first experience, I was working through a blockage to Carnelian’s energy. In the second one about grief, I was releasing a blockage to the energy of Ruby. Until I wore Light Stream, I couldn’t wear a Carnelian necklace in comfort or experience the joy I saw in other people when they wore it. After my release with Light Stream, I am thrilled to be able to wear Carnelian and derive the benefits I expected from it.

C.J., Oregon

Magic Gift

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I love this necklace and use it for very special occasions, like job interviews and special dates. Magical things happen. I can’t say enough about this necklace. There is a sweetness about it; it soothes me with a very fine energy. It makes me more relaxed and opens me to the magic of creation. My creative thoughts are more inspired. It truly connects my mind with my heart.

S.P., Oregon


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I recently put on my Malachite necklace after not having used it for many months. During the next four days I made a dietary adjustment, treated myself to a Citrine therapy, and selected a homeopathic remedy to upgrade my overall health. I attribute all these steps and the resulting benefits to the influence of the Malachite.

Herbert Wheeler, M.T.
Medical Technologist
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

In the month since I starting wearing Malachite, it has changed my life. I live a very hectic, busy life in a large urban center, where stress is a way of life. With Malachite, I can feel my body deeply relaxing, and I am having the best sleep I have had in years. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for a long time, and it is a joy to sleep deeply through the night and awaken feeling relaxed and well rested.

I also hadn’t had a menstrual period in over 18 months, so imagine my surprise and delight when I began to menstruate again. Another of my health challenges has been constipation. After several weeks of wearing Malachite, I am clearing out in a wonderful way.

Since wearing Malachite, I feel as though my body has begun to remember its blueprint for how it is supposed to work. All the disparate energies that weren't working in concert have begun to work together. I feel like my body is beginning to remember its best self and work at a much higher level than it has in many years. Thank you, Malachite!

V.W., New York


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As a chiropractor, I believe that Moonstone is an important gemstone for anyone who wants to create a strong foundation of physical health. The first time I put Moonstone around my neck, I began to notice its profound benefits. The week before, I hadn't gotten much sleep. Within an hour of wearing Moonstone for the first time, I started to feel such increased vibrancy and alertness that I searched my mind for what I could have done to feel so good on so little sleep. Then I remembered the Moonstone was around my neck! That evening, my workout was greatly enhanced, as I was able to do more work in less time.

Now that I have this profound tool, I know I will accomplish what I choose. I can feel my own system getting a significant upgrade that enables me to function at a higher level than I thought possible.

I recommend Moonstone for any healthcare practitioner who wishes to set a shining example of what is truly possible in the realm of physical health.

Michael Croutch, D.C.
Oyster Bay, New York

Within several days of wearing Moonstone, I started to feel stronger and have more vitality. I find myself laughing more and feeling more youthful in mind and body. I see humor everywhere. My skin looks younger and less blemished. I feel an excitement that I remember experiencing when I was younger. I seem to be able to focus more clearly. I’ve worked with many Gemisphere gems, but Moonstone has been one of the most fun.

C.F., Washington

I recently bought White Flash Moonstone and find that it’s helping me eliminate unwanted “skin tags” and moles from my body. For the last three weeks, I have started actually losing the skin tags. First they become a little swollen and pink, and then they start to itch. Next, they turn black and, after about seven days, when I scratch them, they peel off like little black buttons. I have had the Moonstone for a month and have lost 24 skin tags and moles from my neck and chest area, where I have had severe sun damage.

S.S., Bloomington, Indiana

I am normally a person whose thoughts are very concise and clear. However, for a period of six to ten months before using Moonstone, I found it extremely difficult to avoid ambiguity in almost all areas. It was difficult to concentrate, difficult to meditate, difficult to feel lucid. If you'll excuse the metaphor, I felt as though I was going through my life looking through a pair of dirty, foggy glasses. Despite repeated attempts, I was unable to identify a specific cause for this problem, other than the ridiculous amount of stress I was undergoing.

At any rate, when I first received my Moonstone necklace, within a few hours of beginning to wear it, almost like magic I found clarity in almost everything I thought about—instantly, without considerable concentration, meditation, etc. It was just there! Using my metaphor, it was as though someone had not only cleaned my glasses but updated and strengthened my prescription. That result has remained consistent since I began wearing the Moonstone some two months ago.

About a week or so into this experience, I obtained a second necklace and now wear and sleep next to two Moonstone necklaces at the same time. The results have remained astonishing and consistent. My stress level has remained the same, so I can only attribute the improvement to the new variable—the Moonstone. All else in my life has remained pretty constant.

Another interesting point is that there have been several days in which I’ve had such a busy morning, I’ve forgotten to take the necklaces from my bed and put them around my neck. Each time, by mid-day, I felt mentally and emotionally cloudy, just "off." Each time that realization hit me, and I stopped to think about why I didn't feel right, I noticed that I had forgotten to put on my Moonstones. As soon as I remedied that situation, within hours, my clarity was back.

Moonstone is truly amazing! What a blessing! Thank you, Gemisphere.

W.C., Henderson, Nevada

Mother of Pearl

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At night, when I’m tired and spiritually at a low, I put on my Mother of Pearl and feel as though I’m enveloped in a soft blanket. I feel tension leave my body and peacefulness enter.

T.E., Dallas, Oregon

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a body in perpetual motiona typical Type A personality. Relaxation was just a word to me; my body was never allowed to truly experience it. I’ve been wearing a Mother of Pearl necklace for several months now. I’m still in perpetual motion, chasing my son and maintaining a busy household, but now I feel calm and peaceful inside. I’m a different person, and I like myself a lot more.

N.B., Stone Mountain, Georgia

I wear Mother of Pearl when I am having difficulty feeling loving. It has brought out more sweetness and helps me be more loving and patient with my clients.

Dr. Laura Schneider, L.Ac.
Naturopathic Physician
Milwaukie, Oregon

A friend of ours recently had her first child and complained about painful postpartum blues. To help out, we purchased two Mother of Pearl necklaces, one for Mom and one for her new baby. When the necklaces arrived, our friend put both of them around her own neck and felt so much relief that she refused to take them off. In the long run, we figured it was the best thing for the baby for Mom to feel better, which she did!

S.G., California

I put a Mother of Pearl necklace around my dog’s neck, and she no longer suffers from separation anxiety.

J. H., Glen Arm, Maryland

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I recently purchased a Mother of Pearl necklace for my cat. Normally she is very head-shy; when I take off her collar or put it back on, she gets very upset and runs away and hides for a while. But when I showed her this necklace, she actually made the kind of chirping sound she makes when she recognizes that she is being given a treat. And when I put it around her neck, she settled down and started to purr. This is very unusual for her.

Since wearing the Mother of Pearl, she has become bolder and braver. She used to be reluctant to come over for attention when the other cats were around, and she would wait for them to leave before she approached. But now she comes right over, even when the other cats are present. She is also less aggressive with the other cats and tends to initiate play rather than aggression. The other cats in the house also seem to be behaving more positively, too.

L. H. Austin, Texas

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When I first put on Onyx, it was nothing short of a miracle. I was really struggling to get past some obstacles in my life. Instead of trying to scale the whole wall at once, Onyx helped me take it one brick at a time. Wearing Onyx helps me focus and gives me the strength to stay on task.

L.M., Washington, D.C.

I am not a very grounded person. I walk on my toes and am pretty clumsy. I'm also a multi-tasker, and I get overwhelmed by all the projects I have going. When I wear Onyx, I feel so efficient as I work, I can't believe how much I get done. I also feel very balanced and strong in my feet. As a massage therapist, my worst quality is time management. When I wear Onyx, my sessions are much more organized, timely, and productive.

Alison Stewart, L.M.T.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Several days ago, I decided I needed some grounding and help overcoming a feeling of heaviness that I’d never had before. So I put on my Onyx necklace with the intention of doing something constructive about this situation. That day I went from feeling completely wilted to having so much energy and balance that I tackled all kinds of tasks. My energy has remained high ever since.

L.D., Arizona

The second I put on my Onyx necklace, I felt instantly grounded, centered, and aligned. It was and is fabulous. I love all of your therapeutic gems, your TeleSeminars, and your customer service. Thank you so much!

R.H., Sandown, NH


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Of all the remedies I have tried, only Opalight allows me to enjoy a completely restful sleep. This experience has shown me that gemstones have profound effects and can produce powerful change in the body.

Dr. Lance Morris
Naturopathic Physician
Tucson, Arizona

Opalight is one of the necklaces that I use quite frequently. It helps me on nights when I have difficulty sleeping and seems to induce a deeper sleep. I have recommended this to a number of different people who have found it helpful for insomnia.

Patrick Weber, M.D.
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

For years, my mother has suffered from insomnia and often gets up in the night to read or do housework when she cannot stay asleep. A few months ago, after reading about Opalight’s help in treating insomnia, I brought her home an Opalight necklace. She kept it by her bedside on the nightstand each night. Soon after starting to do this, she reported enjoying deeper, more relaxing sleep and was able to sleep through a full night without waking up entirely.

Recently, my aunt gave birth to her first child, a little girl. She was excited about her daughter's arrival but exhausted by the baby's restless sleep patterns. As are many new parents, my aunt was drained and weary from lack of sleep, as she was up countless times throughout the night to soothe and feed the baby. My mom went to visit and provide some help and suggested that we buy the family another Opalight necklace as a gift.

When my mom arrived back home, she reported that both the baby and my aunt experienced deeper, more restorative sleep when the Opalight necklace was in their vicinity! My aunt wears it while feeding and rocking the baby, and the infant has been much less fussy and restless. My aunt wears the Opalight to bed at night and is definitely feeling more rested during the day. My entire family is excited about the relaxing properties of Opalight and how it has helped them rest.

A.F., Oregon

I have had recurrent insomnia for almost a year and was reluctant to continue using sleep aids. I had installed a fountain in the bedroom, used sleep-inducing music, and still could not fall asleep. I decided to try Opalight. I put on the necklace about three hours before I planned to go to sleep, and within less than 15 minutes, I felt so relaxed and content. About two hours later, I went to bed and promptly fell asleep, even with two dogs on my bed! This necklace is a true gift, and I am so grateful. Please treat yourself or someone you know to this special gemstone!

R.J., Anchorage, Alaska

Pink Sapphire

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I frequently experience pain in my pelvis. It can be quite bad and usually is very emotionally draining. Last week, as I felt myself beginning to succumb to the emotional effects of the pain, I decided to wear my Pink Sapphire necklace. Within moments, I could feel the emotional heaviness of the pain begin to lift. It became easy for me to make the choice not to sink into the despair and depression that the pain usually evokes. As many times as I've been in pain, this is the first and only time I've been able to control the domino effect of the pain on my emotions. What a gift! Pink Sapphire has become an important addition to my gemstone collection.

D.K., Arizona

Pink Tourmaline

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Being mindful of the strong effects of Pink Tourmaline, I wore it only while I slept every few nights. After each use, I noticed slight changes in the muscular-skeletal structure of my back, shoulders, and neck. After six weeks, my posture had undergone a major change. I was standing more erect, my shoulders had dropped, and I had released stiffness in my lower back, while also eliminating occasional headaches associated with tension in my shoulders.

M.H., Scottsdale, Arizona

Since I began wearing Pink Tourmaline and my husband began wearing Green Tourmaline, it's fair to say that individually and as a couple, we’ve been catapulted to a new level of awareness and harmony.

Susan Gold
Holistic Health Counselor
Bonita, California

As a therapist I find that, while working, I cannot be without Pink Tourmaline. The energetic protection it offers allows me to be open and receptive to my clients in situations where I would otherwise feel a need to protect myself. I’m able to work very deeply and give my full attention to holding a deep therapeutic intention.

Paulette Stuurmans, L.M.T.
Orono, Minnesota

I’ve worn a combination Pink Tourmaline necklace, Rubelle, often for three years and have noticed subtle but distinct changes in myself. I used to be overly sensitive to other people’s moods and had a hard time in social settings. Now I feel more powerful, confident, and protected. My appearance has become more feminine, and I take better care of myself. I believe that wearing Pink Tourmaline has also improved my communication with my fiancé.

Alison Stewart, L.M.T.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I had good success performing a Pink Tourmaline therapy on a woman trying in vitro fertilization. She had not previously been ovulating from her left ovary. After I performed the Pink Tourmaline therapy on the ovary, it produced several very vital eggs.

Jacqline Tice, C.M.T.
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

Poppy Jasper

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One weekend morning, I was sitting in my big comfy chair not wanting to do anything. I knew I had tons to do, and I thought of Poppy Jasper. As I got up to put it on, I told my husband, ‘If I put this on, I'll be up and moving in 20 minutes.’ Well, I put on the necklace and settled down in my chair again. Pretty soon I had the urge to get up and get going, so I started my morning chores. A few minutes later my husband's watch alarm went off. When I asked him what it was set for, he said he had timed me. We looked at each other and laughed. The Poppy Jasper had gotten me up and moving even faster than I had predicted!

C.J., Portland, Oregon

I have always been afraid to sit for exams and tests. Recently I decided to become certified as a financial planner. Because this would mean taking a lot of tests and a big exam, I felt panicked as old images of math, school, and failure came back to haunt me. Wearing Poppy Jasper helped me overcome a sense of defeat and the feeling that I wasn’t up to the challenge.

I now approach my studies with gusto, and when I sit to study I can focus on the task at hand. These gems are amazing! I thank the universe for them every day.

M.H., Ontario

I received my Poppy Jasper necklace about six weeks ago. I have worn it daily, and it is helping me restore my own energy level and assist my clients. I am in the midst of a career change, letting go of a traditional psychology position and developing an energy healing practice. I recently decided to use Poppy Jasper with a client who was diagnosed with mononucleosis. She had been feeling achy and pained all over, especially in her joints, and very low on energy. After just one session in which I placed Poppy Jasper on several areas of her body, my client reported having much more energy and less achiness in her joints. She also reported sleeping extremely well that night and doing so without medication for the first time in six weeks.

R.A., California

I started wearing a Poppy Jasper necklace a few weeks ago and found that I began to have a little more energy with each day. For some months I had been taking daily afternoon naps, and by the second day of wearing the necklace, I found I no longer felt like sleeping in the afternoon. While I do not drink a lot of coffee, I have always enjoyed my one mug in the morning. However, I shouldn't, since I have elevated blood pressure and am on some low-dose medication for it. By the third day of wearing the Poppy Jasper, my coffee in the morning suddenly didn't taste good, and I didn't finish my mug. The following day, I didn't feel like having any at all. The day after that, I felt a little sluggish and made an espresso, from which I took two sips, with the same result: it didn't taste good (and I knew it wasn't because of the quality of the beans). I haven't had any coffee since. At first, I was concerned that I might experience caffeine withdrawal and headaches, but I have had no symptoms whatsoever.

L.N., Washington

Purple Eagle

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I've been a student, teacher, and practitioner of spiritual awareness and natural healing arts most of my life. Following a prolonged period of stress and trauma, I felt as though my perceptions and awareness had narrowed. Purple Eagle helped me move beyond the limiting perceptions I was experiencing, and it did so quite effortlessly. My perceptions have returned to the state of expansion I knew was possible, even during that difficult time.

W.G., California


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When I wear a Quartz necklace, I feel deep inner contentment. I feel very connected to myself, to other people, and to the world around me, and that brings me a great sense of peace and happiness.

Dr. Padeen Quinn
Naturopathic Physician
Portland, Oregon

Many of my patients are children with cerebral palsy. I have found that when I place a Quartz necklace on a cerebral palsy child after a chiropractic adjustment, it brings deep relaxation, peace, and balance to their bodies, and they hold their adjustments longer. Recently, I placed a Quartz sphere on a little girl who had been unable to move. When I returned to the room, she had picked it up and placed it on her head! I find that Quartz helps today's children find balance.

Dr. Bobby Doscher
Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I can't seem to part with my Quartz necklace. At night, I keep it next to my bed or on my dresser, and it has helped me sleep through the night. I had been going through a period in which I was waking up several times in the middle of the night, disrupting my sleep considerably. Since Quartz came into my life, I have been sleeping right through the night and having vivid dreams. I attribute all this to the Quartz necklace.

C.D., Pennsylvania

Last night I experienced my first sinus infection, with pressure, tension, and pain on the right side of my face near my nose. I got out my Gemstone Energy Medicine book and looked up sinusitis and sinus infection. I put on a Lavender necklace and placed a Quartz necklace directly over my right sinus area. After about a half hour, it became a bit more uncomfortable, but I had read that Quartz can help break up disharmony and disperse toxins, and it felt like things were moving in that direction. I kept the Quartz on all night, and upon awakening I found that the condition had improved amazingly. Today I have absolutely no pain or congestion after yesterday’s misery.

C.F. Mountlake Terrace, Washington

My Quartz necklace is my energetic “tune up” tool. Lately, I’ve experienced many transitions in my life, and the Quartz seems to help me move through them with grace and humor.

Elena Michael, PhD, MFT, Santa Clarita, California

In 2008, I had two total hip replacements, about five months apart. I wore the Quartz necklace night and day following both, and I feel strongly that it has been a huge factor in my remarkably speedy recovery from each. I was able to get off of the pain medication, which I used only at night, after three weeks, and even then I was only using a third to half the dose offered. I had no sensation at any time that I could call pain. Honest! I was up and walking without a limp after only four weeks, almost unheard of with this type of surgery. The Quartz helped my body heal itself in record time. The nurses and doctors were, without exception, astounded at my rapid recovery.

S.T., La Center, Washington

I have suffered extreme fatigue and non-refreshing sleep at night for years because of my fibromyalgia. Since I have started wearing my Quartz necklace daily and sleeping with it near my head, I have had less daytime fatigue and better sleep at night.

D.G., Oregon


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Before a group therapy session, the facilitator asked each of us what we wanted from the session. I said I wanted clarity, inspiration, and to hold on to what I received and take it back into my life. After the session, someone handed me a Quartzite necklace, and I wore it for 20 minutes. I had an immediate feeling of stabilizing the therapy experience, and I kept something of it over the next six months. I now use Quartzite when I have a breakthrough and I want to sustain my progress.

Peter Borten, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Portland, Oregon

I am very grateful for my Quartzite necklace. I recently started treatments with an acupuncturist, and I put the necklace on after each visit. It has been a great success, not only in stabilizing the positive change brought about by the acupuncture but also in helping me make positive changes in my spiritual unfoldment. I see the way Quartzite works to protect me from other energetic distractions and allows the positive energy to build on itself and stabilize. Quite wonderful.

K.D., Ontario

Radiant Heart

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I have been wearing Radiant Heart, and it has had a profound effect on me. I feel more confident and lighthearted and have a sense of intense happiness and well-being. What a discovery! This is much better than any manmade medicine could possibly make me feel.

E.L., California

My best friend gave me this beautiful necklace when I was going through an unwanted divorce. She mentioned that it would help heal my heart and focus on self-love. Every time I wear it, not only do I receive compliments on its beauty, but I can feel her love and—most importantly—my love for myself. It is softly but deeply encouraging. I recommend this necklace for anyone going through a heartbreaking experience.

K.S., Washington

My Radiant Heart necklace is wonderful. I’m enjoying physical benefits in addition to the wonderful emotional benefits of feeling more peace and experiencing clearer heart guidance. After several days of wearing it, I found that I breezed through my aerobic workout and experienced less fatigue from exercising. Another thing I’m noticing is that my body doesn’t feel as cold as it usually does. Although the outside temperature is in the teens, I don’t need to turn up the heat as much as I often do.

M.T., Valparaiso, Indiana


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My early childhood was lived with a schizophrenic mother. Needless to say, even as an adult, my first response to anything unpredictable was fight or flight. Wearing Rhodochrosite is like wearing an Aha! necklace. Now, when something happens, I see my pattern and then have a choice whether to change it. I believe that, after years of therapy, using this gem is what helped me shift to living a happier and healthier life.

D.G., Oak Park, California

The first thing I noticed after wearing my Rhodochrosite was that I was getting my work done more quickly and getting home earlier in the day. I was spending more time doing things I liked to do. About a month later, I ordered a Rhodonite necklace and started wearing it. About four months after that, I stopped taking medication for depression, and it actually worked! For the first time in 20 years, I am functioning normally without a prescription. Thank you!

D.W. Spanish Fork, Utah


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Rhodonite seems to loosen my most stubborn misplaced emotionsand does so with a precision more exact and thorough than any emotional therapy I’ve ever experienced. Rhodonite has helped me become emotionally more solid and flexible.

L.D., Mill Valley, California

A young woman had been suffering from recurring panic attacks. On one occasion, her panic was so intense that she didn’t feel safe leaving her bedroom. A friend drove her to my office for a treatment. I had her put on a Rhodonite necklace, and within minutes she was much calmer and later left my office in a balanced state. When I ran into her two months later, she reported that she had had no further panic attacks and was preparing to move to Los Angeles to pursue a new career.

Alan Coffman, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Corvallis, Oregon

I had been going through a time of much change, in which I was feeling a lot of anger. After a few uncomfortable days, I put on my Rhodonite necklace. Within a few hours, I calmed down. That same day I worked late, trying to solve a technical problem that had been vexing my employer’s clients. Freed from the anger, my mind cleared and I was able to see a solution that had eluded our team for days.

C.H., Bakersfield, California

I had been dreading the day my 20-year-old son was to move away from home. Anticipating it was causing me a great deal of anxiety and emotional strain. So I started wearing a Rhodonite necklace a few weeks before his scheduled departure. When the day finally arrived, I was as cool as a cucumber. The experience was amazing. I felt truly blessed and healed, as if my heart had been made whole once more. My husband even noted my calm demeanor. I am very happy with all my gemstones, but I’ve found this one to be truly exceptional. Thanks so much for your wonderful and wondrous products.

D.A., Centerville, Utah

Since wearing my Rhodonite necklace, I've been experiencing calmness and steadiness that displace my habitual fearful and worried reactions to things. I feel like a big ship moving steadily forward on balmy waters. It's wonderful!

A.L.M., Singapore

The first thing I noticed after wearing my Rhodochrosite was that I was getting my work done more quickly and getting home earlier in the day. I was spending more time doing things I liked to do. About a month later, I ordered a Rhodonite necklace and started wearing it. About four months after that, I stopped taking medication for depression, and it actually worked! For the first time in 20 years, I am functioning normally without a prescription. Thank you!

D.W. Spanish Fork, Utah


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With Riverstone, things accelerate for me and flow faster. When I was in school as an adult, wearing Riverstone helped me complete projects for my computer class more quickly. Even just getting to school happened faster with Riverstone. When I find myself in the fast lane and want to keep up, Riverstone helps me get a lot done in a short time.

Audelia McCrowell, L.M.T.
Rainier, Washington

I used Riverstone during the birth of our daughter. I wore it on and off for several hours in the evening during labor. Around midnight I took it off, because the contractions had become so intense and frequent, and at 1:25 AM our daughter was born. I felt that the Riverstone speeded things up and helped me have a very easy and manageable birth.

A.deS., Purley, Great Britain


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I wear Roselle daily. It keeps me heart-centered, empathic, and in touch with what is at the heart of the matter for my clients and for me. I am kinder and not as easily upset with things when I wear Roselle. I take things in stride.

Beth Doyle, M.A., L.P.C.
Salem, Oregon


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I bought a Rubelle necklace a couple of weeks ago and used it during my menstrual period. It helped my flow and, for the first time in years, I had no cramps and greatly reduced migraines.

S.S., Indiana

I can absolutely attest to the power of the Rubelle necklace. I love this necklace; it is truly amazing. I had several health and personal issues which caused my confidence to diminish. No matter how many things I tried to raise my spirits, it was to no avail. I decided to try the Rubelle necklace. Cue the fireworks. Start the band. I feel like queen for a day, every day. Strangers have the best manners around me. I feel like my old self again. Thank you!

J.B., Sparta, New Jersey

Since I began wearing Pink Tourmaline and my husband began wearing Green Tourmaline, it's fair to say that individually and as a couple, we’ve been catapulted to a new level of awareness and harmony.

Susan Gold
Holistic Health Counselor
Bonita, California

As a therapist I find that, while working, I cannot be without Pink Tourmaline. The energetic protection it offers allows me to be open and receptive to my clients in situations where I would otherwise feel a need to protect myself. I’m able to work very deeply and give my full attention to holding a deep therapeutic intention.

Paulette Stuurmans, L.M.T.
Orono, Minnesota

I’ve worn a combination Pink Tourmaline necklace, Rubelle, often for three years and have noticed subtle but distinct changes in myself. I used to be overly sensitive to other people’s moods and had a hard time in social settings. Now I feel more powerful, confident, and protected. My appearance has become more feminine, and I take better care of myself. I believe that wearing Pink Tourmaline has also improved my communication with my fiancé.

Alison Stewart, L.M.T.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I had good success performing a Pink Tourmaline therapy on a woman trying in vitro fertilization. She had not previously been ovulating from her left ovary. After I performed the Pink Tourmaline therapy on the ovary, it produced several very vital eggs.

Jacqline Tice, C.M.T.
Center Valley, Pennsylvania


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Life speeds up for me when I wear Ruby. When emotional situations show up, I’m not deluded about what the real issues are. Ruby shows me clearly what I have to address. I move quickly beyond the emotional issue with the help of Ruby.

Margie Mulholland, L.M.T.
Louisburg, North Carolina


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Although I was a successful physician and mother, I was always fighting to prove I could do anything. I was always responding to others' challenges rather than going after what I wanted. In fact, I didn’t know what I wanted, and I felt crushed by the burden of other people’s expectations. Now those things are no longer an issue. Sodalight helped me get clear about what I want and to redirect my stubbornness to follow my own heart.

Dr. Cari Nyland
Naturopathic Physician
Corbett, Oregon

I gave a Sodalight necklace to a patient whose major complaint was that she had no energy to get things done. Before wearing it, this patient couldn't get out of her own way. She talked too much. She thought too much. She used all her energy for other people. After wearing the Sodalight, she began to allow changes to happen. She stopped accumulating everyone else's ‘stuff’ and started to focus on her own work and her own healing. She found a job with better hours and better pay. She felt better about her relationships, which in the long run allowed her to be more helpful to her friends and family. The Sodalight was enormously helpful to her.

Dr. Evan Fleischmann
Naturopathic Physician
Chestnut Ridge, New York


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I have found that the combination necklaces from Gemisphere are the next best thing to wearing a solid gemstone necklace. In some cases, they are the best thing! I have learned so much about healing since experiencing Emerald and the Summer necklace. Emerald is simply delicious, soothing, uplifting, enlivening, healing, comforting, and magical. Before I experienced Summer, I was very aware of my body’s physical limitations, and I experienced my body as an encumbrance through which I had to express myself. Since wearing Summer, I experience myself as a whole being of which my physical body is a part – a living, vibrant expression of life energy.

S.G., Holistic Health Counselor, California

While on vacation I became very stressed and pulled a muscle in my hip. I was in great pain and could barely move. The only thing that helped me was coiling my Summer necklace up and placing it on my hip. The relief was almost instant and I was able to use this method to ease the pain for three days until my muscle recovered.

T.E., Oregon

True Self

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True Self was my first necklace from Gemisphere. It helped me remember who I was as an individual and redefine the areas of self I had lost along the path of life. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to rebuild or boost self-esteem. It’s amazing!

M.R., Pflugerville, Texas

White Beryl

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I bought a White Beryl necklace to assist with some immune problems and lymph drainage. After a month, I started wearing the necklace all night. Imagine my surprise when I would wake up with my skin glowing. Wearing White Beryl makes me feel young and full of life. I call it my 'face lift' necklace and want all of my daughters to get one.

S.H., Oregon

Yellow Sapphire

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You know how you feel when you’re soaking up the sun on a beautiful spring day after a long cold winter? Wearing Yellow Sapphire has been like that, only to the hundredth power and without the sunburn! I feel like I’m drinking in deep nourishment I didn’t know I was lacking. I can feel my cells filling with light and new strength.

C.T., New Jersey

I wanted help resolving some lifelong issues I had with my mother. The Gemstone Advisor at Gemisphere suggested the Yellow Sapphire necklace for comfort and healing. When it arrived, I wore it constantly for two days. Suddenly, on the third day, the answer came to me. I had to forgive my mother for the things she had done and not continue to reject her as she had done to me. As suddenly as it came to me what I needed to do, I was also able to do it. It was amazing how simple it was, and yet it had been the bane of my existence. It was such a delightful experience that all I could do was giggle and be amazed at how easy it was.

I cannot change my mother. She is who she is, but I now have the power to change how I respond to her. Words are so inadequate to try to explain what this experience. It's like being set free.

R.E., Texas

Thank you all for your testimonials!

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