Therapeutic-quality Rhodonite is divided into five basic categories, based on the ratio of colors found in each category. Different colorations of Rhodonite produce slightly different therapeutic benefits. Each of the four colors found in therapeutic Rhodonite—pink, black, white, and yellow—corresponds to a mineral element in Rhodonite, and each has a specific job in producing Rhodonite's effects. Thus, each color category of Rhodonite will provide somewhat different benefits.

Rhodonite - Category 5

In this category of Rhodonite, the spheres are almost entirely pink, with only occasional traces of black. Hence, it provides no additional ballast to the emotions. The amount of white and yellow can be similar to that of Category 4. In this category, these colors also support the new structure of the emotional foundation and keep it in place. The pink nurtures the emotions and maintains a strong connection between the physical and emotional bodies. This allows feelings to come through cleanly, purely, and with control. This Rhodonite is most appropriate for emotionally healthy people who wish to improve the emotional foundation they already have.