Ruby - Healing the Emotions

Ruby helps heal and open the heart. It illuminates the emotional level of life and reveals the divine love at the core of every molecule in creation. Ruby and the red ray it carries restore emotional fluidity by relaxing undesirable patterns and dissolving congestion in the emotional body. Ruby teaches you to become a vehicle through which divine love and joy can enter your life and touch those around you.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Ruby Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Apathy or disconnection from others


Wounds of the heart


Emotional congestion or exhaustion


Mild depression


A physical condition that is being fed or exacerbated by emotional issues


Tight or closed heart chakra

You want to—


Experience and express more divine love


Open and develop your heart


Become more emotionally alive, aware, and balanced


Understand the true nature of love


Support the health of your muscular system, including your muscles, tendons, and fascia


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Wearing Ruby

Unlike most of the gemstones Gemisphere offers, wearing Ruby in a solid necklace usually requires some preparation. The flow of red ray through Ruby is exceptionally strong. Consequently, wearing a solid Ruby necklace can flood you with so much red ray that energetic imbalances could result. The best way to prepare for wearing a solid Ruby necklace is to wear the Ruby Dream necklace for at least several months. Learn more.

Our Ruby Necklaces

Our therapeutic Ruby necklaces are made with Ruby rondels* that have been cut from high quality crystals usually reserved for making faceted gems. To ensure our Ruby's superior therapeutic value, we obtain the gemstones in rough form and then have them cut to our unique specifications. Consequently, we offer the highest quality therapeutic Ruby necklaces available anywhere.

*Slightly flattened spheres

We also examine each Ruby rondel under a microscope to determine its therapeutic quality category and to eliminate any beads containing toxic contaminants. Consistency is an important factor in creating a Ruby necklace with a potent and harmonious energetic signature. Therefore, to make each necklace, we carefully match rondels for color, clarity, shape, and size. Thus, each Ruby necklace is unique, and all are individually priced based on their total carat weight and quality. The total carat weight of a therapeutic Ruby necklace should never exceed 30 carats of Ruby, and we strictly follow that guideline.

For most gemstones, the therapeutic quality categories defined as Very Fine, Exquisite, Exquisite Plus, etc. suffice to describe the quality of the gems in a particular necklace. However, for a handful of gemstones, gradients of quality exist within each therapeutic quality category. Ruby is one of these gemstones. This means that a particular Ruby necklace may be somewhat higher or lower in quality than the other necklaces in the same category. The variations in grade are reflected in the price per carat of each necklace.

Ordering Ruby

The Online Ordering Chart below lists some of the therapeutic Ruby necklaces we currently have in stock. Although we update this chart often, it's possible that the particular necklace you choose will have already been sold. If this happens, we will contact you to arrange for an alternative that matches your choice as closely as possible.

If you are considering purchasing a Ruby necklace but would like more assistance, our gifted and knowledgeable Gemstone Advisors can help you select the gemstones that are best for you and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Simply call 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with one of our Gemstone Advisors.

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23" / 58.5cm 38.60 carats 175 $6839 #313
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21.5" / 54.5cm 28.97 carats 195 $5,733 $4,095 #421
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Gemstone Inventory last updated 5/17/2017

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Ruby Necklace

Ruby helps heal and open the heart. It is the carrier of the pure red ray of the life force. Like all color ray gemstones, Ruby's energy is a unique combination of the color ray it carries and its mineral essence—in this case, corundum. Thus, the way Ruby expresses the red ray is different from any other source of red ray, red color, or red light.

Ruby's domain is the heart. Its greatest effects are on the emotional level of being. It heightens your awareness of divine love and enhances your ability to experience and express it. Ruby illuminates the emotional level of life and reveals the divine love at the core of every molecule in creation.

Ruby teaches emotional mastery. Such mastery implies emotional balance, understanding, and the ability to regulate how much emotion you want to exhibit in a given situation. Yet this is not all that Ruby teaches. The emotional mastery Ruby teaches is total awareness of your emotional being.

The kind of love Ruby teaches is not human love, for human love implies needs and expectations. People need human love, yet this kind of love alone does not sustain us. We also need divine love. Divine love gives us the freedom to be who we truly are and who we want to be. This freedom nourishes us and our relationships. It gives us space to grow. Ruby's love implies freedom. It is a noble and powerful love. It turns your attention to that which is greater than yourself.

Unfortunately, many people have difficulty understanding the difference between human and divine love. Even those who understand the concept often have no real idea of how to open their hearts and express divine love. The necessity of divine love may make sense intellectually, but when it's time to express divine love to others, they're not sure where to begin. Ruby teaches this. Ruby will open your heart and give you a taste of divine love. Then it will teach you how to become a vehicle through which divine love and joy can flow. This love will then touch others around you, even if they are not wearing Ruby themselves.

Ruby brings powerful healing to the emotions. Emotional disharmony is often caused by congestion in the emotional body. Such congestion interrupts the natural flow and expression of emotions. This can lead to all kinds of unwanted emotional conditions, such as depression and emotional burnout. When you wear Ruby, the red ray identifies and collects in any areas of emotional congestion and then loosens and dissolves this congestion. This allows powerful emotional healing to take place.

Congestion in the emotional body also blocks the flow of life force to the physical body and feeds it with disharmonious energy. When Ruby dissolves emotional congestion, any physical condition caused by it will cease to be fed with disharmonious energy and will start to heal. For example, emotional congestion associated with the stomach may be causing chronic stomach distress; when the emotional congestion is resolved, the stomach will no longer be fed with disharmonious energy, and a true healing of the stomach's distress will be possible. Furthermore, when Ruby's red ray collects in congested areas of the emotional body, it also directs red ray to corresponding areas in the physical body and dissolves congestion there, thereby further supporting physical healing.

Wearing Ruby helps your mind see and understand the connection between emotional causes and physical symptoms. When this understanding dawns, you will have taken a major step toward truly resolving a physical condition—for when you know and understand the reason for a certain condition, you are better prepared to resolve it.

Wearing Ruby allows the red ray and the feeling of love to flow through your heart chakra and filter into your physical body. Ruby also opens and aligns the heart chakra and strengthens its regulatory ability. When this happens, more life force can flow both into and through your emotional body, bringing with it greater harmony, balance, and emotional fluidity.

Ruby also enhances the mind's ability to orchestrate a better relationship between your emotions and physical body. It empowers your mind to create the opportunities for you to become more attuned to your emotions. This is useful, because your mind is primarily responsible both for bringing things into your life and for removing them.

When you begin to wear Ruby, your mind will see that your heart is opening and that you are preparing to accept greater knowledge of your emotional world. As Ruby gives its love, and you accept and become accustomed to it, your heart will open even more. The more your heart opens and the more love enters you, the more love Ruby will give.

Love is the force and power behind one's strength, willingness, and ability to make positive changes. If you truly want to change and are willing to make the effort, Ruby can be a great tool. It can help you open to the infinite source of divine love. This will help you make the changes you wish to make and grow into the person you wish to be.

Ruby and the Muscular System

Each of the seven color rays of the life force is particularly healing and nourishing to certain aspects of the physical body. The red ray nourishes and supports the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Consequently, wearing Ruby can help strengthen these parts of the body and help resolve certain conditions associated with them.

Ensuring Balanced Change with Ruby

The red ray flows strongly through Ruby. Indeed, the force of its flow is stronger than the flow of any other color ray through its corresponding gemstone. For this reason, wearing a solid Ruby necklace by itself can flood you with so much red ray that your physical and subtle bodies could become severely imbalanced. Therefore, Ruby is the only color ray gemstone that should not be worn by itself as a solid necklace without proper preparation.

The ideal way to prepare for wearing a solid Ruby necklace is to wear Ruby in a properly designed combination necklace, such as Ruby Dream.  After wearing Ruby Dream for at least several months, you can start wearing a solid Ruby necklace.  Learn more about Ruby Dream.

To ensure that your balance is maintained, whenever you wear a solid Ruby necklace, you should also wear a separate, solid necklace of therapeutic Quartz spheres. Quartz gently attracts all seven color rays in balance, and can thus help prevent any color-ray imbalances that might result from wearing a solid Ruby necklace.  Learn more about Quartz.

Amount to Wear

The size, amount, and quality of Ruby worn determine how much force Ruby puts behind the changes it initiates. Four to eight carats of .20- to .33-carat Ruby spheres begin to open the heart immediately and direct the red ray onto emotional congestion. This amount of Ruby allows for gentle and balanced, yet effective, work. Because this amount is too small to create a solid necklace, it requires that the Ruby be included in an optimally designed combination necklace, such as Ruby Dream.

Twenty to thirty carats of therapeutic quality Ruby spheres have very strong effects. Within minutes, this amount of Ruby not only directs red ray onto congestion but begins to fill you with the energy of divine love. It can also saturate your aura with red ray, causing disharmonious emotional patterns to relax, break up, and release their hold on your physical patterns.

Beware of wearing more than 30 carats of Ruby, since such a large amount might cause imbalances, particularly in the ratios of color rays within you. The force of the red ray behind this much Ruby is too powerful for most people, unless they have been wearing Ruby for a long time and just need some extra Ruby energy to make additional changes.

Therapeutic Quality Ruby

Ruby crystals occur naturally in different qualities of color and clarity. The purer these qualities are, the more powerful are Ruby's effects. Judging therapeutic quality in Ruby requires exceptional care and the consideration of many factors.

Therapeutic Quality Ruby is at least somewhat translucent, true red, and free of black inclusions to the naked eye. Non-Ruby inclusions can be identified under a microscope and should be avoided as much as possible, since they restrict Ruby's effects. Their area of influence is greater than the physical space they occupy; an inclusion affects the Ruby surrounding it in a radius equal to the inclusion's diameter.

In order for Ruby's energy to touch and stimulate the heart, it must carry the brightness of true red. Dark, burgundy-colored Ruby has a heavy energy that cannot reach above the lower chakras; the darker the color, the heavier the energy. On the other hand, Ruby that is too light or pinkish in color is immature and lacks the strength required to be therapeutically effective.

The precision of Ruby's shape is crucial. Because Ruby energy radiates from the bead's outer surface, poorly shaped rondels or spheres will make Ruby's energy flow into the aura in an inconsistent manner.

When Ruby is cut into spheres or rondels, they are covered in a red oily polish. This polish should not be rubbed off, because the oil actually helps preserve the integrity of the physical crystal, which is very brittle. Fortunately, Ruby's energetic function is unaffected by this polish.


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