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Quartz - Attracting Life ForceQuartz - Attracting Life Force Lavender - Awakening to Soul



Carnelian - Revitalizing Your BeingCarnelian - Revitalizing Your Being White Beryl - White Light and PurificationWhite Beryl - White Light and Purification



Citrine - Fulfilling Your PotentialCitrine - Fulfilling Your Potential Aquamarine - IlluminationAquamarine - Illumination




Blue Lace Agate - Inner and Outer StrengthBlue Lace Agate - Inner and Outer Strength



Emerald - Healing the Physical Body Summer - Healing the Physical Body



Dark Green Aventurine - Purifying the Physical Body Dark Green Emerine - Physical Healing and Purification



Light Green Aventurine - Uplifting the Physical Body Light Green Emerine - Soothing the Body



Malachite - Harmonizing the Body Patience - Here and Now



Bloodstone - Strengthening the Immune System











































Ocean Rainbow - Color Ray NourishmentOcean Rainbow - Color Ray Nourishment Lavender Rainbow - Color Ray NourishmentLavender Rainbow - Color Ray Nourishment















The 30% discount applies to all therapeutic gemstone necklaces in stock. Sale ends Friday, July 22, 2016, at midnight.

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