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Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays
from All of Us at Gemisphere

Back row: Tayna, Nada, Michael, Rachael, Carol, Jeff
Front row: Dr. Ada, Steven, Michelle M, Michelle E, Geri
In spirit: Amy, Kathy, Denelle, Bill

Dear Friends,

Counting our blessings is easy this holiday season—and it’s been our joy to share the year with you! A time of both gathering and expansion, 2005 has blessed us with the return of our colleagues Steven, Tayna, and Michelle and seen the arrival of many new friends.

Among our milestones this year, April brought the publication of founder Michael Katz’s long-awaited new book, Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit. It also saw the re-release of the book that started it all: Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians. Throughout the year, we traveled the country, meeting physicians, therapists, and many others and were inspired by their keen interest and enthusiasm for gemstone energy medicine. We have also launched our first formal research program into the use of therapeutic gemstones on acupuncture points and  meridians.

All were giant steps toward fulfilling Gemisphere’s ultimate mission: to empower you and our fellow citizens of this precious planet to discover and use gemstones for the illuminating and transformative tools they are.

Thank you for a wonderful year of friendship and support. We wish you many blessings in 2006!

In Light,
The Team at Gemisphere

Gemstone Pharmacy News By Carol Jarka
Gemstone Pharmacist

As the year closes, the Earth has been especially generous with its parting gifts. Here in the pharmacy, we are lovingly preparing not one or two, but six kinds of therapeutic gemstone necklaces that have been unavailable for quite some time. Finding gemstones that meet our standards for therapeutic quality to create these six necklaces has been challenging this year. Therefore, we are excited to announce that the following solid and combination necklaces are now available in our pharmacy:

Click the necklace names to learn about their therapeutic benefits.


Solid Necklaces

Bead Sizes

Lengths (In Inches)



6, 8, and 12 mm

18, 25, 27, and 30


Light Green Aventurine

8 and 10 mm

25, 27, and 30



8 and 10 mm

25, 27, and 30



Combination Necklaces

Bead Sizes

Lengths (In Inches)


True Self
Lapis Lazuli, Lavender, and 14K gold beads

4 mm



Golden Leopard*
Leopardskin Jasper and 14K gold beads

8 mm



Leopard Magic*
Leopardskin Jasper, Opalight, Riverstone, and 14K gold beads

8 to 10 mm



Although therapeutic Pink Tourmaline has been somewhat easier to obtain this year, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Rubelle necklaces in a much wider range of therapeutic qualities than we’ve had previously. We also are offering Exquisite++ solid Pink Tourmaline strands.


Pink Tourmaline Necklaces

Bead Sizes

Lengths (In Inches)


Pink Tourmaline, Biwa Pearl, and 14K gold beads

4 to 7 mm

18, 14, and 28


Solid Pink Tourmaline

5 to 7 mm



*Obtaining the Exquisite quality Leopardskin Jasper used to create these combination necklaces has posed more than the usual challenges. Most of the world’s available Leopardskin Jasper is non-therapeutic, because it is cut with a petroleum product that leaves a toxic residue on the gems. To produce these necklaces, we found pre-cut material and had it cut to our specifications with a water-based process. If you are interested in obtaining either of these necklaces, I encourage you to order as soon as possible, since quantities are limited.

Upcoming Events

Free TeleSeminar
Happiness Is Giving:
Choosing Gemstones for Others

Wednesday, December 7, 2005
6 - 7 PM PT (9 - 10 PM ET)

Around this time of year, we start getting a lot of calls and questions about which is the “best” gemstone to give someone and which is the most “popular” gemstone. Good questions!

The true spirit of the holiday season inspires giving from the heart and sharing with those we love. Yet no matter how enlightened we are, the holiday season can be stressful. In the midst of so many distractions, it can be challenging to stay calm, centered, and focused on the holiday spirit. This month’s TeleSeminar will provide some help in maintaining that focus as we choose gemstones for others.

Please join Gemisphere founder, Michael Katz, and Dr. Ada González on the evening of December 7th, when they’ll address the following:

  • When considering gemstone gifts for others, how do you choose?
  • What are some of the questions to ask when choosing?
  • How do you remain in the most loving aspect of the holiday spirit by giving without attachment?
  • And how do you even determine whether a gemstone gift is the right choice?

As always, there will be time for questions and personal consultations with Michael and Dr. Ada, so please bring your questions.

To learn how to participate in the TeleSeminar, click here.

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