February 2006

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A Year of Self-Care:
New TeleSeminar Series
By Ada González, N.D.

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Welcome to the first Gemisphere Journal of 2006!

This month we launch an engaging new TeleSeminar series on how to use therapeutic gemstones for self-care. Gemstone Tip of the Month continues our series of therapies featuring some of our most popular gemstone necklaces, this month with a Citrine therapy for unwinding tension in areas of tightness or stiffness. We also invite you to attend our February TeleSeminar, in which Michael Katz and Dr. Ada González will explore the many ways you can use gemstones to tap your innermost dreams and desires.

A Year of Self-Care:
New TeleSeminar Series

By Ada González, N.D.

Exciting things happen when you are taking good care of yourself, and this year our TeleSeminars can help you do just that.

In January we launched a new yearlong TeleSeminar course on “Using Gems for Self-Care.” Each month we will explore a different aspect of self-care and the therapeutic gemstone tools you can use to support and enhance it. Gemisphere founder, Michael Katz, and I will offer practical and fun tips on how you can use your gemstones to care for yourself and those you love.

Taking care of yourself is like watering the roots of a tree. The roots of a fruitful life—a nurturing environment, sustaining relationships, and sources of spiritual nourishment—must be supported to produce a harvest of happiness and health. In this year’s TeleSeminars, we’ll talk about how you can use gemstones to grow a vigorous root system of ongoing self-care in order to reap a year of vitality, strength, and fulfillment.

To see the upcoming TeleSeminar topics for the entire year, click here.

Gemstones: Ideal Tools for Self-Care
Therapeutic gemstones are ideal tools for self-care. You can use gemstones for both long-term and short-term goals. Having therapeutic gemstones gives you a ready source of versatile tools to meet your own changing needs for support. This can be particularly helpful as situations arise in the course of day-to-day living.

As your needs and goals evolve, you can decide which gemstone necklaces to wear or which gem therapies to perform to address them. For example, if your personal gemstone pharmacy includes a Carnelian or Bloodstone necklace, and you feel a cold or flu coming on, you can put on one of these necklaces to quickly boost your immune response. If you’ve set a goal to reform certain behavior patterns, you can wear an Onyx or Rhodochrosite necklace. If you’re preparing to travel, you can put on your Agate or Rubelle necklace. These are just a few examples to show how  using gemstones is a powerful way to take care of yourself.

We Want to Hear from You!
Our monthly TeleSeminars provide you with an opportunity to go deeper in your study and experience of gemstones by talking with Michael and me. Just as important, the TeleSeminars offer the chance to bring your questions and insights to the group so we can learn from each other.

This year, we want to make you an even bigger part of the TeleSeminars so that you can experience even better results with your gemstones. We want to hear your voices and your concerns—your questions, dreams, doubts, and experiences—with therapeutic gems.

To help you participate more fully, we’d like to hear from you before each TeleSeminar. Please email us your questions in advance, and let us know you’ll be attending. Tell us what you’d like to know. Your gemstone-related questions can be about your personal situation, a specific gemstone, how gemstones heal in general, or any other gemstone topic that relates to the theme of the month.

If you have questions but would prefer to remain anonymous during the call, please take advantage of our invitation to email your questions ahead of time.

Please email your questions and RSVP to our TeleSeminar host, Jeff Brown, at Teleseminar@Gemisphere.com. If you want your question to be anonymous, just say so in your email, and we won’t mention your name during the call.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful year of self-care with you!

To learn more about our February TeleSeminar, including how to participate, click here.

Gemstone Tip of the Month

As part of our ongoing series of focused therapies that you can perform with Gemisphere’s most popular gemstone necklaces, this month we highlight a Citrine relaxation therapy.

Citrine helps you fulfill your potential by loosening your hold on all that no longer serves you. Wearing a therapeutic Citrine necklace unwinds tension and increases flexibility in your cells, organs, and body as a whole, thereby encouraging your body to relax and move into greater alignment.

Citrine Relaxation Technique
for Localized Areas

In this therapy, a Citrine necklace is used to relax tightness in a localized area of the body. The necklace is held with the left hand and applied to the body and the aura. You can use this therapy as either a primary treatment or a pre-treatment for another therapy.

Therapy Indications

  • When a localized area of your body is stiff, tight, painful, or in spasm
  • When a localized area of your body has continually resisted the effects of other therapies
  • When you wish to prepare for another therapy whose effects will be focused on a localized area of your body

Therapy Instructions
Click here. When the page appears, click Relaxation Technique for Localized Areas to read detailed instructions and a description of the benefits of this therapy.

Upcoming Events

Free TeleSeminar
Inspiration: Using Gemstones to
Connect with Your Innermost Desires and Dreams

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
6:00 – 7:00 pm PT (9:00 – 10:00 pm ET)

What nourishes you, inspires you, and gives you joy?

Have you found that the busyness of life is distracting you from what is most important to you? Often it feels like the daily struggle and challenges of living sidetrack us from knowing and achieving what we really want in our lives. It can take a special effort to choose true happiness over the status quo.

In this month’s TeleSeminar that addresses tools for self-care, we’ll focus on the therapeutic gemstones you can use to inspire yourself and connect with your innermost desires and dreams, where your true joy is born:

  • Lavender can help clear the muddy waters when you are confused and unsure of your spiritual direction or purpose.
  • Breanna helps open your awareness to your own wisdom and a spiritual perspective when you are feeling stuck or stagnant.
  • Light Stream works with you to break blockages in the flow of all the energies of life, so you can move through challenges and obstacles with more vitality.
  • Lapis Lazuli helps you resolve any conflicts between your heart and mind, so that you can better understand your true desires.
  • Riverstone accelerates whatever growth or healing process you are experiencing and can enhance the effects of another therapeutic gemstone.

Please join us! To learn how to participate in the TeleSeminar, click here.

ACEP 8th Annual International
Energy Psychology Conference

Santa Clara, CA
May 4 - 6, 2006

Gemisphere will attend the 8th Annual Energy Psychology Conference, which features leading innovators in the field of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Titled Building Bridges to Healing, the conference will feature energy psychology practitioners and teachers in a variety of workshops. All attendees are invited to visit our booth, where we will offer complimentary gemstone energy medicine treatments and special discounts on therapeutic gemstones and Gemisphere books.

AHNA/AHMA 26th Annual Conference
American Holistic Nurses Assn.
American Holistic Medicine Assn.

St. Paul, MN
June 7 – 10, 2006

Hundreds of holistic nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals will attend this event, designed to explore the future of integrated healthcare. Gemisphere’s booth will be open to all attendees, who are invited to experience a complimentary gemstone energy medicine treatment and enjoy discounts on Gemisphere gemstones and books.

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