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Therapeutic Gems
for Common Conditions

Dr. Ada González recommends therapeutic gemstones to relieve the symptoms and support the healing of common health conditions.

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Gemstone Energy Medicine


Getting the Most from Your Therapeutic Gemstones

Gemisphere founder Michael Katz shows you how to heighten the effectiveness of your therapeutic gemstones, as well as the best ways to keep them working to their full potential through proper care and cleansing.

(23 minutes)

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Green Tourmaline: The Athlete's Edge

Olympians, professional athletes, and trainers who use Green Tourmaline report significant increases in strength, endurance, and speed. See outstanding athletes share their experiences with Green Tourmaline.

(17 minutes)

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The Healing Power of Therapeutic Gemstones

Healthcare professionals share their remarkable results using therapeutic gemstones to enhance the physical, emotional, and mental health of their patients and to treat a variety of conditions.

(28 minutes)

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Audio Recordings


Listen to talks given by Gemisphere founder Michael Katz and Dr. Ada González about diverse aspects of the healing power of gemstones. Gemisphere’s TeleSeminars give you the opportunity to go deeper in your study and experience of therapeutic gemstones.

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