Gemisphere in American Spa Magazine, August 2004


Gemstones are thought to possess special uplifting and healing powers, and Gemsiphere, a Portland OR - based company offering a wide-range of gem-related tools, has recently unveiled a line of gem therapy spa offerings.  From rejuvenating and detoxifying treatments using deep-orange carnelian to soothing and cellular repair using cool-green Aventurine, many gem therapies can be integrated into spa services without requiring additional time from therapists. "These stones can be used in a number of ways to uplift the energy of the body," says Ada Gonzalez, N.D., director of Gem Therapy and Training at Gemisphere. Offering poultices, strands, gemstone spheres, and necklaces, Gemisphere provides consultations and training on how to incorporate these tools into various spa treatments. (800) 727-8877

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