Gemstone Therapies for Amethyst

Necklace Therapies

Chakra Therapies

An Amethyst necklace can be placed on any of six major chakras to treat a variety of conditions or to promote awareness. Amethyst energy affects each chakra differently. The following therapy offers a way to derive benefits from Amethyst chakra treatments.

Sacral Chakra Therapy - Prenatal Upliftment
This technique uplifts the unborn child. It helps forge a stronger connection between the fetus and the Soul that will enter the baby's body. When the baby is born, this enhanced connection will cause the Soul to enter the body with greater vitality. Learn more

Stomach Chakra Therapy - Stomach Ache
The Amethyst vibrations draw to the stomach healing energies from other, stronger areas of the body. This therapy is very helpful for soothing stomachaches, especially in children. Learn more

Heart Chakra Therapy - Insight into Attachments
This technique can bring you insight and enhance your understanding of the reasons you are attached to certain conditions or situations in your life. Learn more

Throat Chakra Therapy - Public Speaking and Other Speach Support
The Amethyst energy flowing through your throat chakra opens passageways for more life energy to enter your throat. This strengthens your throat chakra and makes additional energy available to your voice. Learn more

Brow Chakra Therapy - Spiritual Development Technique
This technique opens your brow chakra and strengthens the circuit of energy that continually flows in through your throat and out your brow. When this flow is strengthened, you become more aware of your inner aspects, which in turn spurs your spiritual unfoldment. Learn more

Brow and Crown Chakra Therapy - Headache
If your headache is caused by a build-up of excess energy in your head, this therapy will open your brow and crown chakras and allow your head to discharge its excess energy. Learn more

Crown Chakra Therapy - Mental Imbalance Therapy
Stagnant mental energy is a common cause of mental imbalances. This therapy helps release stagnant mental energies by opening your brow chakra and encouraging a flow of energy in through your throat and out through your brow. As long as your brow remains open, energy will not be able to collect in your mind and stagnate there. Learn more

Body Awakening Therapy
Amethyst is used to help draw the body's healing energies to an ailing area that has previously been ignored. An Amethyst necklace is placed on the area to awaken the body and inner aspects to the area's condition and thereby facilitate its healing. Learn more

Pattern-Loosening Technique
Amethyst is used in conjunction with creative visualization to loosen the energetic knots and patterns that bind difficult circumstances to one's life. Learn more

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